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  • Are there instructions/manuals/manufacturers information for the hand and portable power tools used on site?

  • Is there evidence to demonstrate that pre start checks are conducted on tools prior to use?

  • Is there adequate storage for the tools in the workplace?

  • Are tools put back in the correct place when they are finished with?

  • Is there evidence to show that tools are appropriately maintained?

  • Are all electrical tools tested and tagged as per statutory requirements (e.g. 3 monthly)?

  • Is there a process in place to report faulty tools and for them to be tagged and quarantined from use until made safe?

  • Are power tools used with the correct shield, guard or attachment as recommended by the manufacturer?

  • Is everyone aware of what they are to do with faulty tools and equipment? (IE How to tag it and where to place it)?

  • Are all electrical leads and leads on power tools observed to be in good condition, away from heat, oil and sharp edges?

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