Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Audit Date

  • Auditor Name

  • Department/Location of Audit

Audit Scope and Considerations

  • Details of Scope

  • Areas unable to access

  • Key Notes and Considerations


Departmental Checks

  • Have the monthly departmental inspections been completed for the previous month?

Notices and Signage

  • Is adequate Health & Safety information displayed and up to date on the relevant Notice Board?

Emergency Provisions

First Aid Provisions

  • Is the First Aid information displayed and up to date?

  • First aid equipment box stocked, & within marked expiry date (Eye wash bottles etc.)?

Fire Precautions and Provisions

  • Are all fire exits and doors within the area in good condition and clear of obstruction?

  • Can Fire Exit Doors be opened correctly (to be manually tested during audit)?

  • Are fire extinguisher in the correct location and been serviced within 12 months?

  • Is there suitable signage in place for each extinguisher?

  • Are there suitable emergency signs in place and not obstructed?

Premises Condition


  • During the audit, is a good standard of housekeeping observed in work and storage areas?

  • Is the building / structure within the area being audited seen to be in good working order (walls, roof, steelwork etc.)?

  • Are dust levels seen to be at a low level around the area?

  • Have all tools and materials been cleared away where not in use?

Access and Egress

  • Are the floors marked up correctly and in a good visible condition?

  • Are floors seen to be in good condition and free form defects (holes, studs etc.)?

  • Is the area free from spillage’s, obstructions and slip/trip hazards?

  • Are steps & stairs seen to be in good condition at the time of audit?


  • Emergency lighting in place and in good working order?

  • Is there suitable light levels in the general area for people to traverse safely?

  • Is there suitable lighting for employees to conduct their work activities safely?


COSHH (Chemicals and other Substances)

  • Are all substances in identifiable containers?

  • Are all chemicals not being used seen to be stored correctly?

  • Are any chemical cabinets in a clean and suitable condition?

Waste and Spillage Control

  • Are there spill kits in place within the area?

  • Are spill kits suitably stocked?

  • Are bund units (where available) clear and empty?

  • Are bins (or similar small to medium sized refuse container) provided?

  • Are these waste receptacles free from overloaded waste?

  • Are skips (or similar larger sized waste recepticle) provided?

  • Do the waste receptacles have correct waste type in (such as cardboard/plastics etc.)?

  • Are these waste receptacles free from overloaded waste?

Employee Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Are earplugs readily available (dispensing machines suitably stocked)?

  • After walking around the area are all people seen to be wearing the appropriate PPE?


  • Are there machine operators in this area?

  • Identify 3 people on shift and check the training board

  • Employee
  • Employee Name

  • Is their training card available?

  • Is the training up to date?

Work Equipment

Ladders and Access Equipment

  • Is there any mobile access equipment (such as ladders, steps, MEWPs etc.) used in this area?

  • Mobile access equipment in good working order, marked and within inspection period?

  • Is there any fixed access equipment (such as scaffolding etc.) used in this area?

  • Fixed access equipment in good working order, marked and within inspection period?

Lifting Equipment

  • Lifting equipment / accessories in good working order, tagged and within inspection period (Hoists slings, chains, eyebolts, etc.)?

  • Equipment marked with safe working load and reference numbers?

  • Is lifting equipment free from any obvious signs of damage or misuse?

Racking Systems

  • Is racking used in this area?

  • Are safe working loads clearly displayed?

  • After a visual check does all racking look to be in good condition, free from obvious signs of damage or overloading?

  • Are all safety pins, floor bolts and similar fixings in place for all racking?

Electrical Equipment

  • Is portable electrical equipment used in this area?

  • Check a minimum of 3 pieces of portable electrical equipment within the area

  • Equipment Check
  • Equipment Name

  • Evidence of valid PAT Test available?

  • After a visual inspection, is the equipment free from any obvious signs of damage or misuse?


  • Is machinery present in the area?

  • Check a minimum of 3 pieces of machinery

  • Machine Checks
  • Machine Name

  • In good working order & being used correctly?

  • Is the pre-shift checks logbook available?

  • Is the log book up to date?

  • Is the machine free from any obvious signs of visual damage or misuse?

  • LOTO (Lock Out / Tag Out) seen on the appropriate machinery/equipment?

  • Are isolation devices for the machine easily located?

Vehicles and Plant

  • Are vehicles/plant present in the area?

  • If not in use, have the keys been removed to prevent unauthorised use?

  • Vehicle inspection checklist in place & being used (FLT’s, pallet trucks, etc)?

Additional Items

    Additional Observation
  • Details

Sign Off

  • I confirm that the information in this report, to the best of my ability, is a true and accurate reflection of the conditions seen at the time of audit.

  • Auditor Signature

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