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  • Site conducted

  • Name of Home

  • Date and Time of Audit

  • Audit completed by

  • Location
  • Completed audits should be saved and sent via email to Michelle Love-Patel/Louise Bridgland by close of business on 3rd of each month.

    Completion notes:

    Monthly items - Most items require to be audited monthly. Where weekly records are required please enter the date.

Laundry Audit

  • Laundry room is clearly separated into a “dirty in area” and “clean laundry out”

  • All areas of the laundry are clean, tidy and free from risks

  • All chemicals are under safe storage

  • Machines are in full working order, with clean filters

  • Individual storage baskets used for all personal washes

  • Services users clothes are clearly marked, well maintained , ironed etc

  • Ventilation areas are free from any blockage or obstruction. Walls or vents are free from dust

  • Staff are aware of the procedure for dealing with soiled linen and clothing

  • Infection control measures in place e.g. gloves, apron

  • Access to the laundry restricted to laundry or authorised personnel. The door has an appropriate locking system

  • There are facilities to combat excessive heat

  • State temperature of room

  • Appropriate hand washing facilities are available

  • Have issues from this section been reported in RAP

  • Date of entry into RAP (where applicable)

Housekeeping Internal - General

  • The entrance and reception area is clean, welcoming with appropriate signage

  • Corridors are clean, clutter free and décor / furnishings in good order

  • Lounges are clean and décor and furnishings are in good order and free of inappropriate items

  • Dining rooms are clean and décor and furnishings are in good order and free of inappropriate items

  • Kitchenette areas are clean, in good condition and free from clutter and inappropriate items

  • Bathrooms and WC facilities are clean and in good order with appropriate locks, free of mould and inappropriate items

  • All hand washing facilities have clean liquid soap dispensers, paper towels and antibacterial gel (as appropriate)

  • Bathrooms have toilet roll dispensers’ not loose rolls.

  • Foot operated bins with lids are next to all hand washing sinks

  • Staff are well presented, jewellery is limited to wedding rings and sleeper earrings

  • The sluices are clean, in good decorative condition and free from clutter and inappropriate items.

Bedrooms Audit

  • There is evidence of personalisation

  • Bedding is clean and bed well made

  • Bedding is in good repair (not threadbare/stained)

  • Soft furnishings e.g. carpets/curtains clean and in good order

  • En-suite clean, uncluttered and free of any inappropriate items

  • Continence products for the resident are appropriately stored and are not overstocked.

  • Room is free from hazards i.e. nothing stored on top of wardrobes

  • Have issues from this section been reported in RAP

  • Date of entry into RAP(where applicable)

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