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Section A Mandatory Vehicle Requirements

  • Asset ID Visible from Three Sides

  • All seating positions to have lap/sash inertia reel seat belts, which are operational; webbing is in good condition and not frayed.

  • Identifiable & lockable ground level isolator at point of access.

  • Permanent flashing amber light fitted and operational (Magnetic beacons not acceptable)

  • Pre Start book in cab and filled out.

  • Load restraints suitable for the type of load/s being carried, available and in good condition and in working order.

  • Effective guarding on all accessible moving parts.

  • Access and egress to be designed to maintain three points of contact.

  • Service sticker shows next service date and/or last service invoice/record is available.

  • Correct and functional lighting for activities associated with the vehicle.

  • Emergency triangles or beacons.

  • Vehicle registration is current and expiry is noted.

  • Ensureā€¢ Ensure vehicle physically cannot exceed the vehicle GVW, if it can physically be exceeded then a weight measuring and recording <br>device shall be fitted. This applies to: Haul Trucks, Water Carts, Tipping trucks (iron ore, waste, sand, other bulk materials), Services trucks i.e. Truck that contains hydraulic fluids, coolant, grease etc

Section AA Mandatory Vehicle Requirements Unless Exempted By Formal Risk Assessment

  • Radio fitted and operates on required channels

  • Wheel chocks available on vehicle

  • Enclosed, sealed air-conditioned operator cabin

  • Fire suppression system operable from ground level and operator cabin or easily accessible fire extinguishers

  • Fire extinguisher fitted securely, presurized and in date

  • Shatter/Pressure resistant glass fitted to cabs

Section B Mandatory Operational Requirements

  • Foot brake operational

  • Rear view and side mirrors fitted and in good condition

  • Tires (including spare/s) in good condition

  • Park brake operational

  • All lights and indicators operational (head, brake, indicator, park & reverse lights)

  • Reverse alarm fitted and operational

  • Windscreen washers and wipers operational

  • Horn/warning device operational

Section C Equipment Modifications

  • Have modifications been made or attachments fitted?

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