Audit Details

  • Plant description (make, model etc)

  • Asset ID/s:

  • Work Request Number (if applicable)

Log Book

  • Is the Log Book being filled out?


  • Are all lights working in the plant room?

  • Are all Mech board lights working?


  • Are all coils clean?

  • Are coils in good condition?


  • Are filters in good condition?


  • Are belts in good condition?


  • Are all valves in correct position?

  • Are all valves working correctly?


  • Are all actuators working correctly?

Unit cleanliness

  • Is the plant being kept clean?

Drains & Trays

  • Are all drains and trays in good condition?

  • Are drains and trays clear of blockages?


  • Are fans working?

  • Are guards in place over all moving parts?


  • Are mounts/brackets tight?

  • Are mounts/brackets in good condition?

Door Latches

  • Are door latches in place?

  • Are door latches working correctly?


  • Are there any "leaks"?

Damper Links

  • Are damper links working?

  • Are the damper links in good condition?


  • Is insulation / lagging in place where required?


  • Is the plant room tidy?

  • Is the plant room free from rubbish / unused equipment etc?

Bearing Noise

  • Is there any bearing noise?

  • Is there any unusual noises coming from the plant?


  • Are guards in place and working effectively around all moving parts?

  • Is the pump operating correctly?

Expansion tank

  • Is the expansion tank in good working order?

Maintenance Completed Satisfactorily

  • Has all maintenance been completed to a satisfactory standard?

Audit Results

  • Actions resulting from audit:

  • Comments:

  • Inspection evaluation score

  • Auditors signature

  • Contractors signature

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