• Are all products stored in a safe manner? Ensure that there is no loose hose stored on upper racks that could easily fall. (5S+ SORT)

  • Is the floor around the racks, shelves, pallets, etc, clear of rubbish? (5S+ SHINE)

  • Are all racks, shelves, pallets, etc, in good condition? Ensure there are no twisted, distorted or bent shelving. (5S+ Safety)

  • Are pallets and stock bins clearly marked with contents? (5s+ SET)

  • Floor line markings - are lines clearly visible? (5S+ SAFETY)

  • Are walkways adequately marked and is the access to the walkways kept clear and free from obstructions? (5S+ SAFETY)

  • Are the designated "inwards goods" areas used effectively? Are signs visible and in the correct locations? (5S+ SET)

  • Are Emergency Exit walkways clearly marked and unobstructed? (5S+ SAFETY)

  • Are rubbish bins located in suitable points and emptied regularly? (5S+ SHINE)

Manual Handling

  • Observe warehouse employees to ensure that they are following safe work practices such as safe lifting techniques. (5S+ SAFETY)

  • Ensure that mechanical lifting AIDS are available and testing is up to date. (5S+ SUSTAIN)

  • Ensure that employees are aware of the dangers associated with reaching above shoulder height and twisting whilst carrying loads? (5S+ SAFETY)


  • Are Safety & Warning signs in place? (5S+ STANDARDISE)

Fire and Emergency

  • Are Emergency Exit lights in working order? (5S+ SAFETY)

  • Check that fire hoses are not leaking. (5S+ SAFETY)

  • Check the state of the fire extinguishers and ensure that the inspection period is current and that they are serviceable. (5S+ SAFETY)

Workshop/Assembly Area/Machinery

  • Are all protective guards in place and operational? (5S+ SAFETY)

  • Are all operators adequately trained in the use of machinery& safety procedures? Are all tasks performed in line with safety procedures? (5S+ SAFETY)

  • Is there adequate work space around the machines? Is the floor around the machine kept clean. And free from clutter? (5S+ SHINE)

  • Are the appropriate PPE stickers displayed on all workshop equipment? (5S+ STANDARDISE)

  • Are there suitable provisions to store hose cut offs? (5S+ SHINE)

  • Are lock out tags available? Are lock out procedures followed when equipment is being maintained or repaired? (5S+ SAFETY)

  • Are work benches clear of clutter? (5S+ SHINE)

  • Are tools put away when not in use? (5S+ SET)

  • Equipment maintenance, is it up to date? (5S+ SUSTAIN)

Personal Protective Equipment- PPE

  • Is PPE available to employees? (5S+ SAFETY)

  • Are employees using PPE when required? (5S+ SUSTAIN)

  • Are employees trained in the correct use of PPE? (5S+ SUSTAIN)

Hazardous Substances

  • Are hazardous substances stored correctly in the designated location and labeled correctly? (5S+ SORT)

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