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Inventory Management

Executive Directions

  • Does the company have a policy of shelf stock and velocity? (ie. to hold 'x' weeks worth of stock on the shelf)

  • Does the business have a Risk Management policy?

Inventory Management functions

  • How often are Position Descriptions reviewed for relevance against current processes?

  • Is there a scrap/environmental policy?

Software management

  • What type of software is used for the inventory management function?

  • How many spreadsheets have been created to support the inventory functions?3

  • Does the inventory team manage the system Master Data?


  • Can you export a detailed Locations report to Excel?

  • Can you export a detailed Stock on Hand report to Excel?

  • Can the above reports be easily modified?

  • Are KPI's used inline with inventory functions?

  • ○ SOH value - compare against budget forecasts (filter to define excesses and stock-outs)

  • Stock Turn Ratio

  • Months Stock on Hand - (SOH/average demand)

  • ○ Wastes - how defined and acceptable levels

  • ○ Excess inventory

  • ○ Obsolete inventory

  • ○ DIFOT

  • ○ DOT


  • ○ Empty pick faces

  • ○ Empty reserves

  • ○ OOC SOH value

  • ○ Stocktake progress

  • Were the KPI's designed from metrics or system created?

Communication & Training

  • Communication - how frequently are Inventory Toolbox discussions held?

  • How often is formal inventory training conducted?


  • Does the inventory staffs also perform purchasing functions?

  • Are financial delegation approval levels used?

  • Do staffs manage MIN MAX calculations?

Continuous Improvement

  • Is a slotting tool used for warehousing efficiencies?

  • Does your IMS contain pick path function?

  • How often is it run/reviewed?

  • Does the site engage with any Production Platforms (eg. TQM, Lean, Six Sigma)

  • How often are the reporting metrics reviewed?

  • Is 5S use evident?

  • Are processes measured on site for benchmarking purposes?



  • MHE use?

  • Safety equipment?

  • Traffic Management

  • Does the site comply with general safety requirements?

  • Racking?

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  • Is the warehouse layout conducive to operational efficiencies?

  • Are the SKU slots best suited for the type of inventory?

  • Is the warehouse flow logical - In/Out without cross over?

  • Is there excessive space available?

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