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Site safety

  • Whilst on site you are required to follow all site safety rules, please sign the visitors book when you arrive at reception and display your visitors badge at all times.
    You are required to stay with the AHBeard representative at all times whilst on site as they are responsible for your safety.
    The AHB representative will provide you with a site tour, while touring the site please remain between the yellow walk ways if the AHBeard representative takes you near any machinery please do not touch or attempt to operate as you may injure yourself.


Site maps

  • Production

  • Sewing and Quilting

    sewing and quilting
  • Premium workshop

    build 38
  • Despatch and National office

  • Building 64

    build 64

Smoke free workplace

  • It is the policy of the A H Beard Group to provide its employees with a work environment that offers the opportunity and resources to optimize their personal health and wellbeing. In accordance with this policy and the convincing evidence of the negative effects of side stream (passive) smoke, it is the A H Beard Group intent that all facilities maintain a Smoke-Free environment.

    smoke free

Dress regulations

  • Everyone - entering the factory for any reason must wear closed in shoes. Anyone not wearing closed in shoes (e.g. thongs, sandals, open toed or open heeled shoes etc) are not permitted to enter any factory area,
    Hi Vis clothing is used on some sites.
    Please refer to local site policy for any changes in the above.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Whilst on site you may be exposed to certain hazards of which for your protection you may be asked to wear PPE, this will be supplied to you by the AHBeard representative conducting the tour. They will notify you of the areas where it is required and also these areas are displayed by signs.
    Some areas where you may be required to wear PPE are:

    Sewing and Quilting - hearing and eye protection.
    Production - hearing and eye protection.
    Base assembly - hearing and eye protection.


Hazard reporting

  • Whilst onsite if you witness or see anything that you believe may be potentially unsafe or may cause harm to yourself or others please notify the AHBeard representative who you are onsite with.

  • Please watch the following safety video

First aid/injury management

  • If you sustain an injury whilst on site please notify the AHBeard representative who will get a first aid officer to attend to you.

    first aid

Site security

  • A.H.Beard Group uses multiple means for workplace security and monitoring.
    The following security measures are used on our sites

    § CCTV
    § Surveillance cameras
    § Motion sensor alarms
    § Back to base monitoring
    § Coded alarm access systems

    You need to be aware of these systems and if as part of your active role you may be exposed to one or more of these security measures.


Prohibited activities

  • Any activities involving the following may lead to disciplinary action or summary dismissal:
    • Harassment
    • Discrimination
    • Bullying
    • Violence
    • Stealing
    • Illegal Drugs
    • Alcohol


Emergency procedures

  • In the event of an emergency alarm sounding please remain calm and follow the green exits lights to the nearest exit.
    Emergency assembly points are located at the entrance to the 3 site gates.


Induction assessment

  • Is it fact that this work place has surveillance cameras to ensure security of products, property and people?

  • Should I tamper with machine guards?

  • In some production areas am I required to wear personal protective equipment?

  • While onsite am I required to report anything that I believe may be unsafe?

  • Am I required to display a visitors badge while I'm on site?

Induction sign off

  • I acknowledge that I have received a visitors induction prior to my engagement at AH Beard Pty Ltd including a site tour and WHS briefing. During my visit at AH Beard I will endeavour to comply with company rules & WHS regulations. I under­stand that failure to do so will result in disciplinary action including pos­sible removal from the site.
    Visitors are Responsible for:

    • Ensuring they comply with the workplace health and safety and injury management policies and all company safe work practices.
    • Ensuring the safety of themselves and others in the workplace.
    • Immediately reporting any unsafe condition, injury, illness or near miss to an AHBeard representative

    I have read, understood and accept the above WHS responsibilities as a visitor to AH Beard Pty Ltd.

  • Please sign and type your full name

  • Witness

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