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Risk Management


  • Does the site have current Risk Assessments for all foreseeable generic activities?

  • Does the site have evidence of completing unplanned (task specific activities)?

  • Is there evidence of Risk Assessments being communicated to staff?

  • Are there examples of safe systems of work available for generic activities?

  • Are Permits carried out for high-risk activities?

Incident Management

  • Are incident/accidents investigated adequately?

  • Are all identified actions followed up on and completed within the estimated time frames?

  • Is there evidence that alert information is communicated and signed off?

  • In relation to cascaded alerts have the appropriate action been completed as neccessary

Improvement plans

  • Does the operation have a current Health & Safety improvement plan?


  • Does the site have a recorded inspection scheme regarding Health & Safety

  • Is there a Planned Preventative Maintenance scheme?

  • Is there a scheme to manage defects?

  • Are welfare facilities suitable and sufficient for all persons at the site?

  • Are all buildings and structures assessed for structural integrity by a competent individual?

  • Does the site have a current asbestos survey? (Building & Structures pre 2000)

  • Is there a clear Asbestos management plan

  • Are all findings recorded on an asbestos register?

  • Has a competent person completed a statutory inspection for fixed wiring

  • Is there a clear action plan for all outstanding actions from Statutory Inspection reports?

  • Is there a local electrical safety management scheme?

  • Are all portable appliances tested periodically by a competent individual?

  • Is all lifting equipment and devices subject to statutory inspection by a competent person.

  • Are there any outstanding defects from the statutory inspections for lifting equipment?

  • Is there a written scheme of inspection for all air receivers?

  • Is there a statutory inspection report for all air receivers?

  • Are there any outstanding defects from the statutory inspections for air receivers?

  • Is there a current fire risk assessment performed by a competent person?

  • Is there a clear action plan for the management of actions as detailed in the fire risk assessment?

  • Where boilers are present, are they incorporated into the Fire risk assessment?

  • Is there a specific risk assessment for site security controls?

  • Is there a specific traffic/Pedestrian Management plan with associated procedures?

  • is there evidence of local Emergency Procedures for foreseeable incidents?

  • Have Individuals been trained in the local procedures?

  • Is there evidence of appropriate emergency drills having been conducted?

  • Is there a local procedure for LOTOTO for all relevant hazardous energy sources?

  • Have all relevant personnel received LOTOTO training in accordance with procedures?

Lifting Operations

  • Is there evidnce that all lifting operations assessed by trainied competent individuals?

  • Is there evidence of documented lift plans?

  • Are staff trained in lifting & slinging operations?

  • Is there an appointed person regarding lifting & Slinging?


  • Is there evidence of Pre-qualification of contractors?

  • Is there evidence of a Contractor Induction?

  • Is there a clear process for annual contractor review?

Visitors & Members of the public.

  • Is there a procedure for dealing with Visitors to the site?

  • Is there a Risk Assessment for dealing with group visits?

Workforce Engagement

  • Is there evidence of a safety induction for new starters

  • Is there a current training matrix for all employees?

  • Do all management and supervisory staff have an up to date CPD programme?

  • Is there evidence of periodic toolbox talks having been conducted?

  • Have annual performance reviews (to include Health & Safety elements) been completed with all staff?

  • Are quarterly Health & Safety Meetings Held with Staff Members?

  • At the time of the audit, where was there evidence of Minutes from previous meetings?

  • Is there a written action plan for all actions from the meetings?

  • Is all non-disposable PPE signed for?

Occupational Health

  • Is health surveillance carried out every three years for all employees?

  • Has an occupational dust survey been completed per site within the agreed timeframes?

  • Is there an action plan for any raised actions from occupational dust surveys?

  • Has an occupational noise survey been completed per site within the agreed timeframes?

  • Is there an action plan for any raised actions from occupational noise surveys?

  • Is there a current whole body vibration survey for the site?

  • Is there an action plan for any raised actions from whole-body surveys?

  • Are individuals identified by risk and assessed for Hand & Arm vibration?

  • Is there a specific risk assessment for manual handling activities?

  • Has manual handling training been completed with relevant individuals?


  • Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all product uses available?

  • Have COSHH Assessments been completed for all Hazardous Products?


  • Is there evidence of a current Legionella survey?

  • Is there a Legionella action plan for survey findings?

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