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Pre-service Paperwork
Is pre-service paperwork available for the work to be completed on site?

Are Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) taken to and/or filled out for this site and work to be completed?

Are all SDS forms available and current for all chemicals being used on site?

Are both OH&S and Food Safety Incident Report forms available?

Are all pre-service checks completed on the pre-service paperwork?

Jaymak Vehicles

Are the Vehicle pre-start checks being completed at a minimum of each month?

Is there approved Jaymak signage on all onsite vehicles?

Are all vehicles clean and tidy both inside and out and are all tools and equipment easily accessible?

Is there a 1st Aid Kit in each vehicle? (Refer to 1st Aid kit minimum requires for each state)

Is there at least 1 x lock out kit in each vehicle?

Tools & Equipment

Are all chemicals being used approved Jaymak chemicals?

Are all chemicals stored in compatible containers?

Are all chemicals clearly labelled and do all batch numbers on the containers match the job paperwork?

Are all electrical equipment tested and tagged as well as in date?

Is the equipment being used to complete the task food safe?

Has it been checked that there is no glass, wood or steel wool being used in and around the food areas?

Is there adequate supply of stock and all necessary tools to carry out the service work?

Is there a suitable pressure cleaner and/or steam cleaner for commercial application?

Is there a pressurised sprayer available to use for coil and fan unit cleaning?

Is there an commercial/industrial vacuum cleaner?

Are there secure tool boxes (such as a 3 in 1) in use to keep equipment stored and tidy?

Is there an RCD?

Is there a temperature probe/infrared gun and wind speed monitor?

Are there pH test strips available?

Attire and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Are all Jaymak employees wearing a Jaymak branded cap or hair net?

Have all employees removed all jewellery (excluding wedding bands)?

Are all Jaymak employees wearing clean and appropriate Jaymak uniform for the work being performed (refer to Uniform policy on Access System)?

Are all Jaymak employees neatly groomed (no excessive facial hair, long hair, etc)

Are all gloves being used chemical resistant and food grade (no latex)?

Are all Jaymak employees wearing steel-capped boots?

Are all Jaymak employees wearing safety glasses?

Do all Jaymak employees have a hi-vis vest or similar?

Are hard hats available for all Jaymak employees?

Are face masks with a minimum P2 rating available for all Jaymak employees?

Are full face respirators with gas cartridges available for all Jaymak employees performing specialised cleaning (such as high level mould removal, fogging, infection control)?

Work Carried Out

Have all Jaymak employees signed in at the site?

Has the client been notified that the work is commencing?

Have containment barricades and cleaning in progress signage been set up appropriately so that the work can be done safety?

Are all electrical hazards being correctly isolated?

Have all JSA forms been completed?

Have all CCP's been adequately controlled?

Is all service work being conducted safety, in line with Jaymak's Environmental Policy (refer to Policy on Access System) and meeting the necessary scope and Jaymak standards?

Are all necessary pre and post service checks being completed? i.e. fan unit air flow, temperature checks, ATP validation, pH tests, etc)

All tools accounted for and safely stocked back in vehicles?

All electrical equipment isolation and safety barriers removed?

All equipment isolated checked to ensure all working and operational? i.e. compressor working, ice production, etc

Site access returned to client?

All completed work inspected by client to their satisfaction?

All necessary paperwork signed off by client?

All Jaymak employees signed out from site?

Overall impression

What was your overall impression

How long did you spend on this site visit?

How many hours

Necessary to follow up with written documentation

Were there any critical deficiencies

Were they corrected immediately?

Provide details

Sign-off by Staff
Franchisee sign-off
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.