Ace Audit 2020

1.0 - Definition Of And Action Required With Respect To Audit Findings

  • 1.1 - Major Non-Conformity (MAJ/NC):<br>Based on objective evidence, the absence of, or a failure to implement and/or maintain requirements of the Jaymak System. Such issues may raise doubt as to the capability of the system to achieve its intended outputs. Issues must be rectified within a month of receiving audit report.<br>Minor Non-Conformity (MIN/NC):<br>Based on objective evidence, the absence of, or a significant failure to implement and/or maintain requirements of the Jaymak System. Such issues may raise significant doubt as to the capability of the system to achieve its intended outputs. Issues must be rectified within the auditors required time of receiving audit report.<br><br>Action required: This category of findings requires the Jaymak Auditor to issue a formal MAJ/NC or MIN/NC; to receive and approve client’s proposed correction and corrective action plans; and formally verify the effective implementation of planned corrections and corrective action. Correction and corrective action plan should be submitted to Jaymak HO Auditor prior to commencement of follow-up activities as required. Follow-up action by Jaymak HO Auditor must ‘close out’ the MAJ/NC or MIN/JC or reduce it to a lesser category within the required time frame for the ACE audit date. If significant risk issues (e.g. safety, environmental, food safety, service quality, etc.) are detected during an audit these shall be reported immediately to the Client and more immediate or instant correction shall be requested. If this is not agreed and cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of Jaymak HO Auditor, immediate suspension from the Jaymak System shall be recommended.<br><br>Do you understand implications of Major Non-Conformity (MAJ/NC) & Minor Non-Conformity (MIN/NC)?

  • 1.2 - Area of Concern (AC):<br>This is an area of the system for which we will be required to investigate potential non-conformity<br>Action required: The Auditor may require the franchisee to formulate a preventive action plan for approval prior to the next planned audit or alternatively they may follow up the preventive action at an earlier ‘agreed’ date. <br><br>Do you understand the implications of Area of Concern (AC)?

  • 1.3 - Opportunity for Improvement (OI):<br>A documented statement, which may identify areas for improvement however shall not make specific recommendation(s). <br>Action required: Franchisee may develop and implement solutions in order to add value to operations and the Jaymak system. <br><br>Do you understand the implications of a Opportunity for Improvement (OI)?

  • Definition of Answers:
    Yes - Completed, Conducted or True
    No - Not completed or Not conducted
    N/A - Not Applicable

2.0 - Office Documentation

  • 2.1 - Is the office filing system correctly set-up with files for customers, creditors, debtors, sales & service?

  • 2.2 - Are all documents and records being retained for a period of 18 months, with all old records being shredded? Financial records being kept for a minimum of 7 years.

  • 2.3 - Has at least 1 swab test been conducted in the past 12 months and does the test show a satisfactory result? NOTE - Franchise will have 12 months to implement ATP validation of cleaning for the 2021 ACE Audit.

  • Swab Test Evidence

  • 2.4 - Are Workers Comp. and Public & Product Liability Insurances current, uploaded to Access System and is the public and product liability cover up to $20 million?

  • 2.5 - Is there up to date Vehicle registration and insurance for ALL vehicles and uploaded to Access System?

  • 2.6 - What Accounting software is currently being used and are all invoices and statements showing the Jaymak logo, Tax Invoice, ABN and all correct address details?

  • Invoice Evidence

  • Please provide Name and current version of accounting software here....

  • 2.7 - Are all supporting documents being sent through with monthly or yearly reporting?<br>- Sales Overview<br>- Balance Sheet<br>- Sales by Item<br>- Profit and Loss<br>- PPE & First Aid<br>- Evidence of Cost of Sales (where required)<br>- Fee Calculator - Vehicle pre-start checks - Evidence of toolbox meetings

  • 2.8 - Are temperature gauges and probes being calibrated yearly and is this calibration written down and recorded or are they being replaced?

  • Evidence of Calibration or receipt of purchase of new temperature gauge

  • 2.9 - Are copies of ISO: 22000 and ISO: 9001 and available for review either in hard copy, Access System or computer file?

  • 2.10 - Have a Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment & Hazardous Substance Register document been uploaded to the Access System?

  • 2.11 - Are all franchisees & employees able to log into the Access System and Service Records (Calendar Feeds, etc)?

  • 2.12 - Has at least 1 on-site audit been conducted on all staff as per the Jaymak Franchisee Audit checklist found in the Public Library in IAuditor. Are the procedures outlined in Jaymak training and related manuals being followed when the service team are conducting their cleaning and maintenance program?

  • Franchise IAuditor checklist Evidence

3.0 - Service System

  • 3.1 - Is the Service System Software being used correctly and all data and information being correctly processed including lead generation (referrals, trade shows, etc), corporate accounts, entering in of new customers, pre-service paperwork, post-service paperwork and all associated reports & letters?

  • 3.2 - Are all Batch Numbers being recorded and do the Batch Numbers in the service system match chemical batch numbers in use?<br>

  • 3.3 - Do quote documents include all of the following information: Quote number, date of quote, customer name and contact details, franchisee contact details, scope of work, price and correct placement of SGS logos?

  • Evidence of each quotation page of a signed Quotation

  • 3.4 - Do post service documents include all of the following information: Date of report, customer name and contact details, franchisee contact details, scope of work and correct placement of SGS logos?

  • Evidence of each post service report page

  • 3.5 - Has Swab expiry date been correctly updated in the service system under batches?

4.0 - Customer Relations

  • 4.1 - Have there been any customer complaints?

  • 4.2 - If a customer complaint has been received, has a customer complaint form been completed? (Located on Access System)

  • 4.3 - Is there a customer referral program in place or are you utilising the referral system?

  • Evidence of Customer Referral System

5.0 - Sales & Business Development ( SBD)

  • 5.1 - Are strategies to meet KPI’s for 2020/21 in place?

  • 5.2 - Is the minimum Performance Criteria being achieved? If not – what plans are in place to meet this Criteria and are they approved by Jaymak Australia?

  • 5.3 - Are Jaymak Business Cards available for all Franchise Owners to hand out to customers?

  • Evidence of Current Business Card

  • 5.4 - Are localised initiatives being used to assist in activity soliciting business in the franchise?

  • 5.5 - Has your business registered for local tenders for the City Councils in your Territories?

  • Evidence of business registration or localised marketing or initiatives here...

  • 5.6 - Has your business investigated local sponsorship and networking opportunities?

  • Evidence of Sponsorship or Networking Activities

6.0 - Staff Training, Access System & Compliance

  • Please list all full-time and part-time team members

  • Please list all casual team members and their employment stating date (mm/yyyy)

  • Please upload head shot photos of all employees

  • 6.1 - Have all service team members (full-time or casual) that have been employed for 3 months or longer, logged on to the Access System and conducted the online training?

  • 6.2 - Have all employees completed the necessary Induction Training Record – Food Safety & OHS and uploaded to the Access System?

  • Evidence of signed off Induction logs

  • 6.3 - Have National Criminal Checks been conducted for every employee, are current and uploaded to the Access System (no more than 3 years old)?

  • 6.4 - Do staff hold a 1st Aid Certificate?

  • Evidence of 1st aid certiciate

  • 6.5 - Do all full time service operators have the necessary card & safety training in OH&S for the Construction industry and is uploaded to the Access System?

  • Evidence of OH&S Induction

  • 6.6 - Have all team members undertaken a recognised HACCP, Food Safety or Food Handlers course and uploaded to Access System?

  • Evidence of training certificate

  • 6.7 - Do staff have a Working with Children card (if applicable)?

  • Evidence of Card

  • 6.8 Do staff hold an Elevated Work Platform licence/certificate level of competency?

  • Evidence of EWP

  • 6.9 Do staff have a current Flu vaccine?

  • Evidence of current Flu Vaccine

  • 6.10 Do staff have a Covid-19 Government Training Certificate?

  • Evidence of Training Certificate

  • 6.11 - Do staff have access to a copy of the Jaymak Quality & Food Safety Policy?

  • 6.12 - Do staff have access to a copy of the Jaymak Environmental Policy?

  • 6.13 - Do staff have access to a copy of the Jaymak Modern Slavery Policy?

  • 6.14 - Do staff have access to the current Jaymak Quality & Food Safety Manual and necessary procedures and forms?

  • 6.15 - Do all staff understand their responsibilities under the Drug & Alcohol and Smoking Policies? If any breaches of these policies, please provide evidence below.

  • Evidence if any breaches of these policies. Please complete with N/A if no breaches.

7.0 - Vehicles, Tools, Equipment & Cleaning Aids

  • 7.1 Is there approved Jaymak signage on all vehicles

  • Number of Vehicles In operation?

  • Photo Evidence of Vehicle signage

  • 7.2 - Is the vehicle tidy and all tools and equipment easily accessible?

  • Clear photo of inside the Jaymak vehicle(s)

  • 7.3 - Is there at least 1 x lock-out kit in every Jaymak vehicle?

  • Photo evidence of lock out kits

  • 7.4 - Is there an adequate supply of stock and all the necessary tools to carry out the service work? (refer to tool/stock requirement lists in the Franchise Operations Manual)

  • 7.5 - Is a Worx Gun or an alternative low pressure sprayer in use for coil and fan unit cleaning?

  • Photo Evidence of Pressurised Sprayer

  • 7.6 - Are ALL approved Jaymak chemicals being used, adequacy of current controls and are all containers labelled? (see Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment form)

  • 7.7 - Are chemicals stored in compatible containers?

  • Clear Photo of ALL Chemical Bottles with Correct Labels Evidence and batch numbers

  • 7.8 - Are Scouring pads in use for food areas that are not “steel wool” or fibrous?

  • 7.9 - Is a high pressure cleaner or steam cleaner for commercial/industrial application or similar in use? (gerni, karcher, duplex) if applicable

  • Photo of commerical/industrial high pressure cleaner and/or steam cleaner

  • 7.10 - Is a tool box in use to keep all Jaymak tools and equipment tidy and stored whilst on site?

  • Clear photo of Toolbox or similar Evidence

  • 7.11 - Is there an RCD available in each Jaymak employee's tool kit?

  • Photo of RCD

  • 7.12 - Is there a commercial/industrial vacuum cleaner?

  • Photo of vacuum cleaner

  • 7.13 - Is there a temperature probe/infrared temperature gun and wind speed monitor with each Jaymak employee?

  • 7.14 - Are there pH test strips available?

  • 7.15 - Has all electrical equipment (including the RCD) been tested and tagged on a 6 monthly basis by a qualified person and is this information being recorded?

  • Copy of Equipment Test & Tag Register within 6 Months

  • 7.16 - Has it been checked that there is no glass or wood or in the vehicle or tool kit that could be a potential food hazard?

8.0 - On-site Audit - Attire & PPE

  • 8.1 - Are all team members dressed in correct uniform including eye wear, hats/hair nets, gloves, steel capped boots and is all uniform clean and the operator generally well groomed? (refer to Uniform Policy 2017 on Access System)

  • 8.2 - Have all employees removed all jewellery (except wedding bands)?

  • Jaymak Uniform Evidence for each Technician

  • 8.3 - Is the PPE in a good and clean condition from a visual inspection? (refer to PPE check sheet) checklist

  • 8.4 - Are all franchisees using chemical resistant food safety grade gloves? (no latex)

  • Evidence of Chemical Resistant Food Safety Grade Gloves

  • 8.5 - Are Hi-Vis vests available for all Jaymak employees?

  • 8.6 - Are Hard Hats available for all employees?

  • 8.7 - Are masks with a minimum P2 rating available for all Jaymak employees?

  • 8.8 - Are full-face respirators available for staff when doing high level mould remediation, fogging or infection control cleaning?

  • 8.9 - Are First Aid Kits available and provided for all employees?

  • 8.10 - Are all 1st Aid Kits adequately stocked with the necessary items to meet state requirements? (refer to State requirements)

  • Clear Photo of All First Aid Kits

9.0 - On-site Audit - Preservice Paperwork

  • 9.1 Is pre-service paperwork available for the work to be completed on site?

  • 9.2 Are all pre-service checks completed on the pre-service paperwork?

  • Evidence of completed pre-service paperwork

  • 9.3 Are Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) taken to the job with spare sheets available if other SWMS are required?

  • Evidence of a completed SWMS for the site

  • 9.4 Are all SDS forms available and current for all chemicals being used?

  • 9.5 Are both OH&S and Food Safety Incident forms available?

10.0 - On-site Audit - Work Carried Out

  • 10.1 - Have all Jaymak employees signed in at the site and completed the necessary site specific inductions?

  • 10.2 - Has the client been notified that the work is commencing?

  • 10.3 - Are cleaning in progress signs and/or containment barriers being used for all service work?

  • Photo evidence of containment barrier and cleaning in progress signage

  • 10.4 - Have all JSA forms been completed?

  • 10.5 - Are the procedures outlined in Jaymak training and related manuals being followed and is all service work being conducted safely and meeting the necessary scope and Jaymak standards?

  • 10.6 - Is the work being carried out in line with Jaymak's Environmental Policy? (refer to policy located in the Access System)

  • 10.7 - Are all electrical hazards being correctly isolated?

  • Photo evidence of lock out kit in use

  • 10.8 - Are hand washing procedures being followed and/or clean gloves worn during service work?

  • 10.9 - Have all CCPs been adequately controlled?

  • 10.10 - Has all completed work been inspected by the client and are they satisfied with the results of the clean?

  • 10.11 - Have all safety barriers and signage been removed as well as all electrical equipment isolations been remove and power returned to all equipment?

  • 10.12 - At the completion of the job have all tools and equipment been accounted for and safety stored back in the Jaymak vehicle?

  • 10.13 - Has all site access been returned to the client?

  • 10.14 - Has all necessary paperwork been signed off by the client?

  • 10.15 - Have all Jaymak employees signed out from the site?


  • By submitting this Ace Audit, you agree that you have carefully and truthfully answered all questions, understand this is your final submission and no changes are to be made.

Sign Off

  • Enter in completion time and date

  • Signed off by Franchisee Representative

  • Signed off by Franchisor Auditor Representative (If Applicable)

  • What was your overall impression of the work carried out on-site?

  • How long did you spend on the onsite visit?

  • Are there any critical service deficiencies that need immediate attention and/or rectification?

  • What was your overall impression of the compliance, paperwork and record keeping?

  • Additional Comments

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