Title Page

  • Station to be audited:

  • Shift audited conducted on:

  • Date audit conducted:

  • Audit conducted by:


  • Verify - Is SWI present?

  • Verify - Is SWI visible / readable?

  • Verify - Is SWI current and accurate?

Observe the operator performing the required work on five seats.

  • Starting BSN:

  • Ending BSN:

  • Are component parts easily accessible?

  • Does the operator inspect his/her parts?

  • Does the operator follow the SWI?

Error Proofing

  • Is error proofing identified, installed, and functioning in the process?

Quality Alerts / Process Alerts

  • If Quality Alerts and/or Process Alerts are posted in Team Kiosk; are they being following?

Safety Guards and Housekeeping

  • Are all safety guards in place and functioning?

  • Is good housekeeping being followed?


  • Is scrap identified properly in area?


  • Are WIP levels within acceptable levels?


  • Are PM's for station complete?

PFMEA and Control Plan

  • Station PFMEA matches Control Plan and Process Flow?

Verify Key Process Steps (LAT and SC requirements)

  • LAT steps completed as required?

  • SC steps completed as required?

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