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Work Instructions Documents -RAMS

  • Has RAMS Document Been satisfactorily completed?

  • Has site signing in/out register been completed ?

  • Has Pre Work Risk Assessment been completed prior to the work commencing?

  • Are the Operatives Training Records available and in date? Check Tablet.

  • Can the Operative demonstrate individual competence as per HSEQM guidance LG?

  • Are all aspects of the generic RAMS Document being adhered to?

  • Does the Operative have their LES ID Card available for inspection?

  • Has the Site Log book been completed and available for reference?

  • Has the Site Asbestos Register been consulted prior to the work commencing?

Health, Safety and Welfare

  • General Access to Work Area - access to all individual work areas clean and hazard free?

  • Work at Height - Correct use of standard and non standard access equipment? Ladders/Towers/Harness etc.

  • Hazardous substances - Have all COSHH Assessments been followed? Storage, handling and containment.

  • Manual Handling - Have all hazardous lifting operations been addressed?

  • PPE & RPE- Are all aspects of equipment available and being used correctly?

  • Safety Signage - Is all safety signage displayed correctly?

  • Lighting - Is lighting adequate for the task?- Natural, In house or torch/task units.

  • Welfare and Hygiene - Are facilities available and adequate?

Work Practices

  • Legislation - Is all working compliant with BS8580 and L8

  • Site Information - Can the Operative demonstrate an ability to produce an accurate description of the building and water systems?

  • Assets - Can the Operative demonstrate the ability to identify items of plant and outlets, descriptions and location?

  • Inspections - Ability to correctly identify items of plant, hot water heaters, correct measurements and calculations, item description and location.

  • Out of spec findings - Has the Operative the ability to raise out of spec findings and issue recommendations?

  • Schematic Drawings - Ability to understand the existing system schematic

  • Schematic Drawings - Ability to correctly produce a full system drawing?

  • Safe Working/Quality Policies and procedures - Is the work carried out in compliance with company procedures?

  • Microbiological Sampling - Satisfactory demonstration of water sample collection?

  • Records of schemes control - Ability to carry out an appraisal of existing test records and scheme of control?

Legionella Awareness - Ability to correctly identify the items below

  • Contamination - Ability to correctly identify the risk at Source . Including the condition, temperature and integrity of the water system

  • Amplification - Determination of the cultivation conditions and assessment of the likelihood of Legionella proliferation . Including water temperature, areas of static or slow water, water change rate and conductivity of microbiological growth.

  • Transmission - Assessment of droplets or aerosols being produced and spread.

  • Exposure and Inhalation - Determination of the cultivation and likelihood of droplets or aerosols being inhaled.

  • Susceptibility - Evaluation of the demographic information upon the vulnerability of the population likely to be exposed to Legionella.

Company Branded Work Wear

  • Are all company issued items available and being worn correctly?

  • Tools and equipment comply with company standard issue and are clean and fit for purpose?

Tools and equipment

  • Calibration of equipment - All thermometers, CLO2 meters etc. Comply with calibration requirements

Vehicle Audit

  • Current vehicle mileage reading?

  • External Condition in good order? Record all damage.

  • Internal Condition in good order? Record all damage.

  • Tyre condition

Customer service - To be completed by the Client where possible

  • Was the Operative courteous and professional?

  • Was the work carried out in a satisfactory manner?

  • Housekeeping - Was the work area/s left in a tidy and satisfactory condition?

  • Health, Safety and Site Practices - was the Operatives work carried out safely?


  • Operative performance satisfactory?

  • Score:

  • Project Managers performance satisfactory?

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  • Audit Summary

  • Operative print

  • Operative Signature

  • Auditor print

  • Auditor signature

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