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Over all Machine Inspection

  • All safety devices are present and in good working condition. EX: e-stop's, door switches, main power disconnects, air dump valve and air disconnects.

  • All machine functions work properly. EX: auto run, forced run, cycle index, and cycle stop.

  • All external cabling and conduit is in good condition.

  • All wiring in panel is in good condition and working properly.

  • All touch safe guards are installed in electrical panels. If not recommend purchasing them.

  • All machine guard panels are in proper place.

  • No forces on PLC.

  • All documentation is updated and located inside electrical panel or in maintenance shop.

  • Change over sheet is updated and out by machine.

Timing Screw

  • Timing screw drive belt tension correct.

  • Timing Screw speed correct? running at speed and not pulling gaps.

  • Timing Screws change parts in good condition.

  • Guarding and safety circuit in good working condition.


  • Diverter Change parts in good condition.

  • Diverter Operation correct. EX: not slamming from side to side, Stroke as centered as possible, timing is correct


  • Infeed change parts in good condition

  • Infeed top rack level and set up correctly.

  • Infeed top rack jacks work correctly

  • Infeed Belts in good condition

  • Low speed and High speed drive sprockets in good condition and engaging belts correctly.

  • Infeed photo eyes are set up and working correctly. EX: Product at Gate and High Prime and infeed full. Timing for all correct.

  • Infeed bearings in good working condition

  • Low speed infeed Temp

  • Low speed motor amp draw.

  • HIgh speed Motor temps

  • High Speed Amp Draw

  • Pin assembly functioning properly.

  • PIn assembly bearings and pneumatics in good condition.

  • Product stop functioning properly.

  • Product stop Bearings and pneumatics in good condition.

  • Clear to pick and Clear to move photo eyes are set up and functioning correctly.

Main load cell

  • Transfer Belt in good condition.

  • Transfer X axis Bearings and shafts in good condition.

  • Transfer Z axis bearings and rails in good working condition.

  • All Servo cable connections in good condition. No corrosion or damage.

  • All homing and over travel sensors are in good working condition.

  • pickup head in good condition.

  • all taught positions, accels, decels and dwells are correct for product being ran.

  • axis position sensor is set up and working correctly.

  • Suction Cups in Good condition.

  • Mechanical pick up head in good condition.

  • Separator screw/belt and protective boot are in good working condition.

  • Separator/Rotate Positions are correct.

  • A axis servo motor temp.

  • A axis motor amp draw.

  • B axis servo motor temp.

  • B axis motor amp draw.

  • Separator motor temp.

  • Separator axis motor amp draw.

  • Rotate axis motor temp.

  • Rotate axis motor amp draw.

Top and Bottom Pad Magazines

  • Bottom pad magazine functioning properly.

  • Bottom pad cylinder in good working condition.

  • Bottom pad suction cups and ventures in good condition.

  • Board lay down eyes working properly.

  • Top pad magazine functioning properly.

  • Top pad cylinder in good working condition.

  • Top pad suction cups and ventures in good condition.

  • Top pad 'package present' eye working properly and timing correct.

Glue Assy.

  • Glue tank, hose and head temps are in correct range. No over or under bonding occurring.

  • Glue tank air pressure is in correct range.

  • Glue head is correct height off of index.

  • Glue placement is correct for all sizes.

  • Glue tank in good working condition. No charring in tank, tank relatively clean, no broken pieces.

  • Glue hoses in good condition.

  • Glue head in good condition, all modules and nozzles working correctly.


  • Index chain tension is correct.

  • Index chain is lubricated properly.

  • Index flight bars are square and in good condition.

  • Index bed is in good condition.

  • Index registration sensor is working correctly.

  • index motor is in good condition and drive belt is tensioned properly.

  • taper locks and drive sprockets are in good condition

  • Index motor temp

  • Index motor amp draw


  • Stacker is functioning properly.

  • Stacker pickup head is level.

  • Bearing rails and drive mechanism(pneumatics or servo) are in good working condtion.

  • Suction cups or mechanical head are in good condition.

  • Position and timing are set up correctly.

Jump Station

  • Jump station is functioning properly.

  • Belts and rollers in good condition.

  • Chain and sprockets in good condition.

  • Lift station is in good working condition.

  • Jump station speed is correct, product pushed on to jump station and correct gap when leaving.

Auxiliary Conveyors

  • Belt is in good condition and belt tension is correct.

  • Drive sprockets are in good condition.

  • Transfers and pop out rollers are functioning properly.

Upgrades and retro fits available

  • Guarding update(for old machines)

  • Electrical panel touch safe gaurds.

  • New door safety switch upgrade.- new sensaguard door switches to eliminate nuisance trips that have been seen with the sipha version.

  • Touch screen cover.- protects touch screen with hinged lexan cover

  • Index pad control upgrade kit.- Helps control pad placement up through the glue section.

  • Loader flight bar upgrade kit- Taller Flight bars to accommodate warped corrugate and also flight bar connection point is floating (less drag).

  • Glue Stitching conversion kit- eliminates excess glue where it is not coming in contact with cup. Huge Glue savings

  • Infeed top rack adjustment jack upgrade.- kit provides all new jacks and shafts. Jacks have sealed bearings which is more susceptible to wash down

  • Rotary diverter upgrade.

  • Bimba air cylinder diverter upgrade- replace old obsolete air cylinder with Bimba air cylinder-requires new clevis mount and cylinder.

  • Pin assembly upgrade kit. - Replaces large air cylinder with brakes and shocks, with top rack mounted cylinder that adjust with top rack for change over

  • Mechanical Pick up head upgrade.

  • Pickup head vacuum conversion. - Kit provides venture style pick up heads instead of vacuum pump- stronger hold on cup.

  • Top pad placer.

  • Magazine (top and bottom) cylinder bushing kit. - Revised mount to eliminate the clevis mount area from getting worn out. Just replace bushing.

  • Stacker (air or servo)

  • Air stacker shock upgrade kit- eliminates rubber bumpers and replaces them with shocks for smoother operation

  • Timing screw quick change kit.- Provides a quick change coupler for quicker change over.

  • Transfer Station green belt conversion kit. - Adds a couple green grip belts to jump station to eliminate skewed packages

  • Lift transfer station kit.- Replace current skate roller Shuttleworth JS with newer style to eliminate downtime and replacement costs

  • Vision Systems.- can detect no lid, partial lid, lid not on correctly, bad foil, hole in foil, no foil, etc.

Additional Services Available

  • Formal training

  • Regular PM scheduling


  • spare kit level purchased? what level?

  • servo spares available?

  • Suction Cups in spares (1 Set)

  • Photo eyes and cables in spares? (1 of each eye and 1 of longest cable)

  • Infeed bearings

  • Pad placer bushings and Cylinders.

Recommended spare parts

  • Infeed section.

  • Load Cell.

  • Servo system.

  • Pad placers.

Plant Contact Iformation

  • Plant Manager.

  • Maintenance Engineer.

  • Production Manager.


  • Auditors Signature

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