Team Details

Worksite Team Members

    Worksite Team Members
  • Name

  • Service Number

  • Worksite Team Role

  • Authorisation in Date ?

  • Authorisation Number

Worksite Setup

Work Group and Site Setup

  • Overall photograph of task to be completed ( Pre-Job Commencing )

  • WHRA Completed and Group Discussion .

  • Photo of Front and Back of WHRA

  • Is all Paperwork for task on site and Correct.

  • Is there adequate staff on site to complete task.

  • Is there Adequate Communication at Worksite. ( Telephone / Two Way Radio )


  • Condition of Insulation Equipment

  • Provision for suitable Equipment Storage.

  • Preparation of Insulation Equipment.

  • Is the Ladder in good condition and Inspected prior to climbing.

  • Are the Pole Platform/s in good condition and inspected prior to use.

  • Are the tool/s being used for task in good condition and inspected prior to use.

  • Is Rescue Equipment in date and in good Condition.

Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ).

  • Arc Rated Clothing - Long Pants & Long Sleeve worn & in acceptable condition.

  • Safety Footwear worn & in acceptable condition

  • Hard hat worn, in acceptable condition and in date.

  • Approved eye protection worn & in acceptable condition.

Insulating Gloves

  • Leather Protector gloves in good condition and inspected prior to use.

  • Inspection and Inflation test Performed prior to use.

  • Are the Insulating gloves stored correctly.

Harnesses / Lanyards and Pole Straps.

  • Are Pole climbing harnesess and Straps in good condition.

  • Is the bucket harnesess and lanyards in good condition.

  • Within 10 year service life from date of manufacture.


  • EWP

  • Elevated Work Platform
  • Cleanliness/ Condition of Boom and Basket.

  • EWP Plant Number.

  • Excess gear removed from Basket.

EWP setup

  • Position of EWP relative to job.

  • Photograph of EWP positioning.

  • Stability of EWP / Correctly setup.

Climbing Setup.

  • Climbing Setup

  • climbing setup
  • Is ladder correctly positioned on pole and correctly secured.

  • Are Pole Platform/s removed from vehicle and ready to be used for the task being performed.

  • Is the Pole Top Rescue Kit removed from vehicle and ready .


  • Bucket Insulation within test date.

  • Test Date

  • Photograph of Test Sticker.

Borer Erector.

  • Borer/Erector.

  • Borer / Erector
  • Endeavour Energy lifter borer / plant.

  • Name and Service Number

  • Authorisation Number.

  • Date of Authorisation.

  • Contractor - lifter borer/plant

  • Company Name.

  • Plant Operators Name.

  • Plant Operators Authorisation Number.

  • Date of Authorisation.

  • Plant Operators dressed in Compliant Clothing.

  • Borer in Test Date.

  • Test Date.

Vehicle Equipment.

  • Overall hydraulic system condition. ( Leaking ? )

  • All lifting equipment in good condition.


  • Quality of EWP positioning and movements.

  • Quality of Borer/ Erector positioning and movements.

  • Position of Borer/ Erector relative to work.

  • Photograph of Borer / Erector position.

  • Quality of communication between Borer Operator and Plant Safety Observer.

  • Safe work practices being utilised.

  • Photographs of Borer / Erector operation during job.

Task/s Being Performed

Task/s being Performed.

  • Are Safe Work Clearances being maintained.

  • Is Temporary Insulation being correctly applied from EWP or Pole.

  • Is the Temporary Insulation properly secured and being utilised correctly.

  • Are the Pole Platform/s at a good height for Temporary Insulation installations.

  • Are the Pole Platform/s a good height for the task/s being performed.

  • General quality of the work being performed.

  • Attitude towards Low Voltage Work task/s overall.

Safety Observer

  • Has a Safety Observer been appointed.

  • Is the Safety Observer aware of the task/s that are being performed.

  • Is the Safety Observer in good position .

  • Safety Observers position.

  • Communication between Safety Observer and workers aloft.

  • Communication between workers aloft and their Interaction.

Follow Up Actions

Follow up Actions.

  • Follow up Actions.

  • Follow up Actions
  • Responsible Person.

  • Follow up Action.

Audit Rating.

  • Overall Comments from Auditor.

  • Overall Rating of Audit.


  • Auditor confirms the findings of the audit. ( Sign )

  • Auditee endorsement: I am a representative of the work crew. ( Sign )

  • Auditee comments.

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