• Start Cards filled out?

  • All required tickets onsite (white card etc)?

  • Can you talk through all the hazards onsite. Show me on the start card where you would put any hazards if not covered by the SWMS?

  • Blue book onsite and available?

  • Can you tell me where in the blue book would you find MSDS, Emergency Contact Details, SWMS, Calibration records, Ladder Inspection Records

  • Is the SWMS signed onto and re-inducted?

  • Do all members of crew have White cards, First aid certs, ID(enable), Traffic management Tickets, Working At Heights, Pole Top Rescue, EP licence or any other mandatory tickets onsite and available?

  • Are First aid kits onsite and all items in date?

  • Is there a sharps kit onsite?

  • Is there a spill kit onsite?


  • Does one member of the crew have a valid implement traffic management ticket

  • Is traffic management set up according to a scenario from the blue book

  • Have you done a Walk\Drive through? ( to ensure the site makes sense to the public - Pedestrian and vehicular)

  • Is Pedestrian management accounted for ?(pedestrians not put in danger or directed in an un safe manner)

  • Are all areas barricaded and safe to the public?

  • Is there a Dig permit onsite and filled out correctly?

  • Have you performed a pre start for any plant and is the plant register up to date.?

  • Can you explain what you do if conditions change? (weather, traffic, third party crew starts to work near by)?

  • Is all plant service history onsite and in date?

  • Gas detector onsite, Calibrated and in blue book register?

  • Is there a cable locator onsite?

  • Is PPE being worn, i.e hard hats near plant, Safety Glasses, Gloves, steel cap boots in good condition

  • Is there any ACM onsite, are their trained people and site set up safe. including correct signage, Supervisor within 20min and licence available?

  • Are the DBYD onsite and on a readable device?

  • Please explain the local assets in relation to the DBYD?

  • Can you explain one of the symbols on the DBYD?

  • Is the lic dug to depth, 300mm from top of conduit to ground level.?
    If digging in the street network is it to depth 450mm from top of conduit to ground level?

  • Is the lic placed in accordance with the PCD guidelines. i.e 100mm from corners, 150mm from taps, 150mm from power sources, 1000mm from gas meters and 1500mm from gas bottles?

  • Is the reinstatement up to an acceptable level?

  • Is the customer aware of the works onsite?

  • Are pit entry/exits compliant regarding location and spigots fit flush with pit wall


  • Is their anything that the crew requires to improve day to day operations?

  • Does the crew have any concerns?

  • Auditor to sign

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