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Purpose of Master's Review

  • The purpose is to conduct a review of the vessels HSEQ, and report any deficiencies to the Company. The Master, as responsible person onboard, should inform the Company whenever there are deficiencies in the SMS relevant to the vessels operation.

  • The Master's Review should give a clear picture of the status of implementation of the SMS on board, and that necessary suggestions/modifications to HSEQ have been reflected in the review.

    Actions marked "X" have been successfully implemented.
    Actions marked "O" have not been implemented successfully. Further action to be taken before (date):

  • Rate the effectiveness of the Safety Management System from Poor to Excellent based on the questions below.


  • 1. Is the SMS available and updated on board?

  • 2. Rank employees' understanding of the Safety Management System.

  • 3. Company is commited to providing a current edition of the Health & Safety/Environmental Policy posted in vessel? (SMS chapter: 2 part: 1,2)

  • 4. Crew accepts and has signed all policies on board? (SMS chapter: 13 part: 2)

  • 5. How well is the Drug & Alcohol policy, Smoking policy and IT policy followed on board? (SMS chapter: 3 part: 3, 4, 5)

  • 6. All crew certificates valid and in order on board? (SMS chapter: 6 part: 1)

  • 7. Is training effective and current for all crew members? (SMS chapter: 6 part:2)

  • 8. Rank the safety orientation policy for non-employees/contractors. (SMS chapter: 7 part: 6)

  • 9. Rate drills conducted according to the drill schedule.

  • 10. Rate the internal auditing process, conducted on board by a third-party. (SMS chapter: 12 part: 3)

  • 11. Rank safety meetings being held on board and are records of these meetings available? (SMS chapter: 12 part: 3)

  • 12. Rate familiarity of crew with the SMS reporting system and have all sent in reports been closed by an authorized person at the office? (SMS chapter: 9 part: 1)

  • 13. Rate familiarity of the crew with the Risk assessment system and are records of Risk assessments carried out available? (SMS chapter: 7 part: 1)

  • 14. Rank condition of PPE and availability on board? (SMS chapter: part: 24)

  • 15. Rate garbage policy (sorted on-board and sent to shore) (SMS chapter: 7 part: 25)

  • 16. Effectiveness of planned maintenance being carried out according to our procedures? (SMS chapter: 10 part: 1)

  • 17. Effectiveness of New Hire Orientation? (SMS chapter: 6 part: 4)

  • 18. To what level do the crew meet their obligations on board the vessel on the river? (SMS chapter: 7 part: 5)

  • 19. Accessibility of required charts (paper/ECDIS) available on board and corrected? (SMS chapter: 7 part: 5)

  • 20. Rank the procedures in the SMS reflect the actual work on board the vessel?


  • 21. Are fire/safety plans up to date?

  • 22. Are muster lists posted and up to date?

Defeciancies Agreement

  • Master Name

  • Date

  • Report received by Designated Person

  • Date

  • Designated Person Signature

  • Name (Block letters)

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