Title Page

  • Audit Title

  • SAP

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Store Analysis

  • How did the Store rank End of Month?

  • How did your Store Perform Against GP Targets?

  • Analysis (Why)

  • How did your Store perform in KSO2?

  • How did your Store perform in Conversion?

  • Conversion Wins (High-Level)

  • Conversion Opportunities (High-Level)

  • KSO2 Wins (High-Level)

  • KSO2 Opportunities (High-Level)

  • How did your Store perform in KSO1?<br>

  • KSO1 Wins (High-Level)

  • KSO1 Opportunities (High-Level)

  • How did your Store Perform in Rotational Metric #1?

  • Analysis (Why)

  • How did your Store Perform in Rotational Metric #2?

  • Analysis (Why)

  • How did your Store Perform in Inventory?

  • Variance Amount

  • Device SKU
  • Device SKU

  • High-End Accessory SKU

  • Accessory SKU
  • High-End Accessory SKU

  • Summary of Ops

Store Breakdown

  • ASM Effectiveness in Sales / Sales Coaching

  • ASM Effectiveness in Operations ( Sight Examples)

  • Rep
  • Rep Name

  • Total PSUs

  • % of Stores Total PSUs

  • Account Conversion Rate %

  • Total Postpaid Voice Lines

  • Total Postpaid MI Lines

  • Total Prepaid Acts

  • Total Acc Revenue

  • Total Acc GP

  • Rep Accessory GP % to Revenue (Ave Margin)

  • Was the Rep Issued a Performance Improvement Plan

  • Expectations Set (Clear, Inspect-able, behavioral)

  • Deadline for Improvements

  • Development Plan for Rep

  • Assessment of Rep Opportunities

  • Assessment of Rep Strengths

Review and Feedback for DM and VP


  • Assess your management spectrum (range of personalities you can effectively coach). Sight specific examples.

  • Assess your operational effectiveness. Sight specific processes and examples.

  • Wins

  • Opportunities

  • For each feedback and review, make sure to call out what has been helpful so that those may continue. Additionally, call out what is lacking or needs enhancement/refinement and why (include a proposed solution as much as possible).

  • Coaching Given by DM

  • Professional Development by DM

  • Resources Provided by DM

  • Has your DM increased your ability to be effective in your role? If Yes, How?

  • Feedback on Visits from VP of Sales

  • Feedback on Resources Provided by VP of Sales

Review and Feedback for Sales Support Team

  • Give both positive and negative feedback and sight specific examples to assist with role refinement.

  • Commissions Team

  • Reporting Team

  • Audit Team

  • Facilities Team

  • SOA Team

  • HR/Recruiting

DM's Notes and Feedback (DO NOT FILL OUT)

  • Feedback for Manager

  • Deliverables

  • Action Item #
  • Expectation

  • Deadline for Next Review/Inspection

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