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  • Use this form to create your business end of month recap.
    Be precise.
    Be Direct.
    Avoid using too many generalities.
    Avoiding using stories or 1-off examples.
    Remember that your process is the most important part of your business.
    Ensure that your recap is 3-5min.

Wins (Max 2)

  • Wins

  • Win #
  • Win Identified

  • Behavior Creating Results/Success

  • Strongest Contributor(s)


  • Opportunities (Max 2)

  • Opportunity #
  • Identified Opportunity

  • Missing Rep Behavior

  • Biggest Offender

  • How Long Has This Been Going On For?

  • Missing Floor Coaching Behavior

  • Biggest Offender (RSM/ASM/POC)

  • How Long Has This Been Going On For?

  • Date by Which Opportunity Will Be Remedied

Obstacles to Success

  • Obstacles to Success

  • Obstacle #
  • Obstacle

  • What is holding your store back?

  • How Long Has This Held the Store Back?

  • Resources, Education or Other Missing Elements Needed to Conquer This Obstacle

  • Date by Which Obstacle Will Be Overcome Given Resources, Etc Provided.

Direct Focus

  • What is the Direct and Simplified Focus for this Month? *Remember that in most cases your focus should help correct your opportunities and/or further enhance your wins*

  • Plan Can Easily Be Inspected

  • Plan is Clear and Not Subjective?

  • Plan is Simple?

  • Plan has a Time Frame for Inspection?

  • When Will This Be Measured for Execution/Effectiveness?

  • Plan has Accountability for Non-Execution?

  • Accountability Measure for Failure to Exectue

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