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Procedures and Systems:

  • 1. Are controls identified in the plant risk assessment, SWMS and Traffic Management Plans (TMP) implemented effectively?

  • 2. Have simultaneous operation / interface controls been implemented effectively to manage conflicting activities?

Competency & understanding:

  • 3. Is there evidence of inductions, qualifications and Verification of Competency (VOC) for Operators?

Plant/Equipment Design, Selection, Testing and Maintenance:

  • 4. Is selected plant fit for purpose and in good condition?

  • 5. Are pre-starts and maintenance completed as scheduled to detect faults, maintenance requirements etc.?

  • 6. Does mobile plant have relevant Roll Over Protections Systems (ROPS) where applicable?

Emergency Management:

  • 7. Have emergency procedures, equipment and rescue plans been implemented in accordance with scheduled tests?

Human Factors and Behaviours:

  • 8. Where possible, is protection in place to prevent plant from coming in contact with the energy source, e.g. isolate / avoid power lines?

  • 9. Are safe behaviours being demonstrated, i.e. not complacent/distracted/rushing?


  • 10. Are communication controls implemented effectively? e.g. positive communication and spotters?

  • 11. Is signage, demarcations of pedestrian walkways and restricted areas in place and effective?

  • 12. Are warning devices, detection systems and lights fitted and operational?


  • 13. Are isolation controls effective to manage interaction between pedestrians and mobile plant, e.g. access point design and exclusion zones?

Clothing and Protection:

  • 14. Are personnel involved in the task wearing appropriate PPE and hi visibility clothing?

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