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Mobile Plant

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  • Daily pre start inspection checklist completed by operator.

  • Faults identified have been signed off.

  • Operator competencies verified

  • Safety devices fitted – seat belts / fire extinguishers / reverse alarms / machine guards / brakes / flashing beacon

  • Safe working load charts in place and legible.

  • Motion alarms fitted and operational

  • Vehicles and trucks are maintained to manufacturers specification.

  • Operators manual on site and available to operator.

  • Mobile plant being used correctly eg. Use of spotters, not overloaded etc.

  • Motion alarms fitted and operational if required

  • Mobile plant not blocking access ways

  • Contractors have a SWMS / JSA for the task

  • Contractor have signed onto Visitor / Site Inspection SWMS

  • Contractor is aware of emergency evacuation procedure

  • Contractor has all required Personal Protective Equipment

  • All licences and accreditation's are current and available for inspection

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