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  • DGSA completing the audit

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Identification of DG shipment

  • Consignor:

  • Consignee:

  • Despatching branch office:

  • UN number, label number(s) packaging group:


  • 01 Transport document: content correct and complete? (ADR 5.4.1)

  • 02 Instructions in writing: correct & in the language of the driver(s)? (ADR 5.4.3)

  • 03 If multimodal road & sea: CTU packing certificate: content correct & complete? (ADR 5.4.2)


  • 04 if the packaging need an UN NUMBER approval on the packaging? (ADR (a)(i))

  • 05 If UN NUMBER 1H, 3H or 31H: not older than 5 years (resp.2 years if UN 1790 PG I and UN 2031 (if>55%) Only) (ADR

  • 06 If UN NUMBER 11A, 11H, 21A, 21H, 31A or 31H: last inspection not older than 2.5 year? (ADR,, (b))

  • 07 Does the packaging bear the necessary mark(s) and/or label(s)? (ADR 3.3.3 SPXXX, 3.4. resp. 3.4.8, 3.5.4, 5.1, 5.2)

  • 08 Is the packaging damaged or defective, esp leakproof, and are there no leakages or the possibility of leakages of the dangerous substance?

  • 09 Is the packaging closed in accordance with the information provided by the manufacturer? ( 4th sentence)

  • 10 Is the outside of the packaging free from dangerous residues? ( 5th sentence)

Vehicle/container, equipment & driver:

  • 11. If the transport is above the limits prescribed in subsection has the subsequent checklist been completed correctly? (ADR

  • 12. Is the load in the vehicle/container secured properly? (ADR

  • 13. If container: Is the placarding correct and complete? (ADR5.3.1.2)

  • 14.If multimodal road or sea: Is the placarding correct & complete?


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  • NAME of DGSA

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