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1. External - All Areas

1. External - All Areas

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1.1. General Areas

  • 1.1a. Are paths, steps, roads, kerbs & drains clear & free from potholes?

  • 1.1b. Are surfaces or paving flags in good condition and free from potholes?

  • 1.1c. Are man hole covers secure?

  • 1.1d. Is there clear traffic management routes and signs?

  • 1.1e. Is there a pedestrian system in place?

  • 1.1f. Is there adequate lighting for pedestrians and vehicles?

  • 1.1g. External Gates / Fencing in tact (where appropriate)

  • 1.1h. Are external fire exits clear from leaves & free from algae?

  • 1.1i. Are external compounds secure and in a safe condition?

  • 1.1j. Are external compounds secure and in a safe condition?

  • 1.1k. Are all grit bins topped up and grit equipment fit for use?

  • 1.1l. Is the car park free from litter?

  • 1.1m. Is the Fire Assembly Point clearly visible?

  • 1.1n. Is the generator fuel tank level 75% or above? If below plan a delivery

  • 1.1<br>o. Is the outdoor furniture in good condition (no damage / hazards)?

1.2. Landscaping

  • 1.2a. Are bushes / shrubs pruned and well presented?

  • 1.2b. Are beds free of weeds and well presented?

  • 1.2c. Have the lawns been cut?

1.3. Waste Management

  • 1.3a. Are the bays identified and skips clearly labelled?

  • 1.3b. Is the area around the skip tidy and clear of rubbish?

  • 1.3c. Are the skips in good condition?

1.4. Spill Kits

  • 1.4a. Contents in working order & free from damp or damage?

  • 1.4b.Is there the correct amount of equipment?

  • 1.4c. Is the RWE npower Environmental Spill procedure present?

1.5 Access Control

  • 1.5a Are the car park barriers working correctly?

  • 1.5b Have you tested the intercom to see if it’s working?

  • 1.5c. Are all access control doors in a good condition?

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2. Internal – All Areas

2. Internal – All Areas

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2.1. MFD’s

  • 2.1a. Is the Mitie Helpdesk number and network path visible?

  • 2.1b. Is there sufficient paper available?

  • 2.1c. Is the area around the MFD free from rubbish and debris?

2.2. Security/Reception

  • 2.2a. Are receptionists wearing uniform and the guard(s) wearing their SIA identity badge?

  • 2.2b. Is there a RWE visitor’s book & Mitie Staff & Contractor book present?

  • 2.2c. Have all contractors signed in and out as per the site induction process?

  • 2.2d. Are Emergency Procedures given out to all visitors to site?

  • 2.2e. Are the SAI’s up to date & security guard is aware of them?

  • 2.2f. Are the DOR’s and Daily Handover Sheets being completed correctly?

  • 2.2g. Is the reception desk clean and tidy?

  • 2.2h. Does the night guard know how to operate the CCTV and barriers and <br>How to review/save/copy images?

2.3. Pest Control

  • 2.3a. Are there bait boxes and insect monitors placed down?

  • 2.3b. Are they clean, marked with the company name and an asset number?

2.4. Drink & Snack Vending

  • 2.4a. Are the machines clean and the name label visible?

  • 2.4b. Are the plumbed water machines operating correctly?

  • 2.4c. Are there sufficient cups for the water machine?

  • 2.4d. When was the machine last PAT tested? (please note machine number <br>and date of last test)

  • 2.4e. Is all signage on the machines professional (ie. Price stickers, posters)?

2.5. Recycling Bins

  • 2.5a. Are the bins clearly labelled and clean?

2.6. Meeting Room Inspection

  • 2.6a. Is the room clean and tidy?

  • 2.6b. Is there the correct number of chairs?

  • 2.6c. Are there any leads that are trailing across the room from equipment?

  • 2.6d. Is there a flipchart and pen available?

  • 2.6e. Does the telephone and/or the video conferencing work?

  • 2.6f. Is the clock working and showing the correct time?

2.7. Lighting & Ventilation

  • 2.7a. Are all lights working & switched on apart from DSE lights?

  • 2.7b. Is the ventilation in the building suitable and sufficient?

2.8. Fire & Safety

  • 2.8a. All extinguishers have a test date in the last 12 months and tagged?

  • 2.8b. Is there sufficient signage above the extinguishers?

  • 2.8c. Is there correct fire exit signage above all doors?

  • 2.8d. Are there fire action notices displayed around the site?

  • 2.8e. Are all fire exits / escapes routes free from obstruction?

  • 2.8f. Are evac points and emergency routes clearly marked?

  • 2.8g. Are walkways free from congestion and tripping hazards?

  • 2.8h. Are floor ports in good order and not a trip hazard?

  • 2.8i. Date of your last Kitchen & Ducting Deep Clean?

2.9. Internal Fire Doors

  • 2.9a. Do the closers work properly & are the handles in order?

  • 2.9b. Is there any damage to the seals or intumescent strips?

  • 2.9c. Are there any holes / defects in the doors?

  • 2.9d. Do all doors open?

2.10. Plant Room

  • 2.10a. Is the Plant Room clean and free of litter / debris?

  • 2.10b. Are chemicals / substances stored correctly and locked away?

  • 2.10c. Is equipment stored neatly and correctly?

2.11. Lifts

  • 2.11a. Passenger Lifts Maintenance – 6 Monthly inspections available?

  • 2.11b. Passenger Lift Insurance Inspection – 6 Monthly records present?

  • 2.11c. Are lifts clean and free of debris?

  • 2.11d. Are Are lifts operating correctly?

  • 2.11e. Is the emergency phone in working order? (complete a test)

2.12. Equipment

  • 2.12a. Are all vacuums in good working order and PAT Tested?

  • 2.12b. Have ladder inspections been carried out (in line with PPM’s / Inspection regime)? add date of last record.

  • 2.12c. Do all ladders have tags with current inspection dates?

  • 2.12d. Is all portable equipment in good working order?

  • 2.12e. Are PC’s free from items that could be a fire hazard?

  • 2.12f. Are window blinds in good order?

  • 2.12g. Are leads or cables causing a trip hazard?

2.13. Site Records

  • 2.13a. Are equipment checks records up to date? (Incl SME’s inspection records) Add dates of last record

  • 2.13b. Are toilet Logs being fully and accurately completed?

  • 2.13c. Is the water Hygiene Risk assessment in date and review carried out? Add date of assessment and / or date reviewed

  • 2.13d. Are Water Temperatures being Recorded (monthly)? Add date of last test

  • 2.13e. Is hot water being recorded above 50 c and cold water below 20 c?

  • 2.13f. Are showers being Cleaned & Chlorinated (3 monthly)? Add date of last clean.

  • 2.13g. Are drinking fountains / coolers inspected and maintained (3 Monthly minimum)? Add date of last inspection.

  • 2.13h. Has the flushing of Low Use Outlets been carried out (Weekly)? Add date of inspection.

  • 2.13i. Has Microbiology / water quality sampling been carried out? (6 Monthly). Add date of last inspection / sample.

  • 2.13j. Are A/C Systems F-Gas Document records available - Leak test for applications containing more than 3kg and /or 30 kg as applicable up to date?

  • 2.13k. Are Portable Appliance Testing Records up to date? Add last test date.

  • 2.13l. Are Microwave Emission Test in date? Add date test date.

  • 2.13m. Fire Risk Assessment – present and up to date?

  • 2.13n. Are weekly fire alarm test records up to date (different call points)? Add date of last test.

  • 2.13o. Emergency Light Monthly testing carried out? Add date of last test.

  • 2.13p. Emergency Lights Annual Test been carried out? Add date of last test.

  • 2.13q. Have Shower and Disabled WC Call Alarms been checked - (Monthly) Add date of last test complete. <br>

  • 2.13r. Is there an up to date Asbestos Survey on site (Annually)? Add date of survey

  • 2.13s. Is the Asbestos Management plan / inspections up to date (6 Monthly)? Add date of last entry / Inspection.

  • 2.13t. Are gritting Records / logs complete with sufficient detail? (1st Oct – 31st April only)

2.14. General Housekeeping & Building Condition

  • 2.14a. Areas are clean & tidy with items stored correctly?

  • 2.14b. Items are not stored on top of cupboards?

  • 2.14c. Ceiling tiles are clean and safe?

  • 2.14d. Are Walls / decoration in good condition?

  • 2.14e. Are Stairs in good condition with contrasting treads?

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