Drawing Review

Assembly drawing

Detail drawing

Full penetration butt splice (bottom flange)

RT NDE (no observation of actual) record required. 100%RT

Full penetration butt splice with transition

Observe prep and fit - up

Observe root pass

UT NDE (top flange 100% UT)

Full penetration butt splice (Web)

UT NDE (no observation of actual) record required

Fillet Weld (top flange to web)

Fit up tacking and welding

100% MT

Full penetration weld (bottom flange to web)

UT NDE (no observation of actual) record required. 100% UT 2 ft from on end.

Mill to bear fitting and fillet weld (stiffners)

Fit up, tacking, welding of stiffners

Match marking (splice plates)

Bolting operations

Faster assembly validation, PIV, RCT


Joint installation of a 325 bolts

Camber and lay down assembly procedure

Camber measurments

Lay down area. Adequate space.

Final inspection

Final inspection and reports

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