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  • NOTE: As a minimum all Employees, Visitors, and Contractors MUST be advised of the following safety requirements by an authorised MRI Staff Member.
    Any additional requirements related to specific process / site works are to be advised and detailed below by the supervisor named above.


  • EMERGENCY EVACUATION<br>Give a brief overview as to what is to happen in the event of an Emergency Evacuation<br> - Listen for the Alarm<br> - Follow the Directions of the Area Warden<br> - Calmly make your way to the Assembly Point (following all directions from the area warden)

  • ASSEMBLY POINT<br>Emergency Evacuation Assembly Point - Show the location of the Assembly point

  • EMERGENCY EXITS<br>Point out where the Emergency Exits are Located and identify where the Site Layout (inc. All emergency equipment identified) is located.

  • FIRE EXTINGUISHERS<br>Show locations of the Fire Extinguishers and also explain that the locations of the Extinguishers are also identify on the Site Layout.

  • FIRST AID & AREA WARDENS<br>Advised of person to report to with injuries or if there is an emergency


  • Do you Smoke?

  • Show where the Designated Smoking Area is on your site: <br> * ACT – Front of roller door. <br> * NSW – Eastern carpark in front of the warehouse. <br> * QLD – Right hander corner at front of building. <br> * VIC – Area between warehouses 24 & 26 near the ramp. <br> * VIC – The main entrance to the office for visitors & office staff


  • PEDESTRIAN WALKWAYS<br>ALWAYS ensure you stay within the Pedestrian Walkways shown

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

    The below PPE is the minimum needed to enter the MRI Site.
    If you deviate from the Designated Walk Ways OTHER PPE will be required, DEPENDING on the Work Area you are Entering.
    ENSURE you check the PPE Requirements before entering ANY work areas.

  • STAFF & CONTRACTORS - All MRI Operations / Production staff MUST wear Safety Boots, HiVis Clothing (or Vest) and Full Length Work Pants

  • VISITORS - Entering the Warehouse or Operations Area MUST wear HiVis Clothing (or Vest) and Fully enclosed shoes (with max heel height of 3 cm). <br>AND for your OWN PROTECTION it is also recommended that you wear Long Pants.

    No matter how big or small ALL Incidents, Injuries or Near Misses MUST be reported to your supervisor while On-Site at MRI

  • INCIDENT REPORTING<br>ALL Incidents, Injuries or Near Misses MUST be reported to your On-Site Supervisor (as mention earlier)

  • SPILLS / LEAKS<br>If any Chemical / Substance Spills or Leaks occur while On-Site it must be Contained Immediately<br> * Show where the Spill Kits are Located<br> * All spills are leaks must be reported to your On-Site Supervisor (as mention earlier)


  • Do you have any Relevant Licenses applicable to the Task you will be performing? (eg. Forklift, Truck, First Aid, ect)

  • Please List the Relevant Licenses (inc. Expiry Date) and provide the SHEQ Representative with Copies.


  • Is the Person being inducted a Contractor?

  • Please ENSURE that the Contractor completes the Contractor Induction Program.
    * Contractor Induction Presentation (M-HR-1.1-04) Rev00
    * Contractor Induction Program (F-HR-1.1-01) Rev01

  • Has the Contractor been given the Contractor Induction Program (as stated above)

  • Does the Contractor have either JSEA, SWMS or Safe Work Instructions for all Equipment / Tasks that are being perform while on the MRI Site

  • ENSURE COPIES are obtained and forward to the SHEQ Representative with this document

  • ENSURE that you complete the JSEA Section in the Contractors Induction Program Package.



    Even though you are inducted into the MRI Site, you still need to Sign the Visitors Book so that we can identify you in the event of an Emergency

  • Induction Completed By (On-Site Contact):

  • Signature:

  • Employee / Visitor / Contractor Name:

  • Signature:

Please FORWARD (or email) this Completed Document to either; * Nicole Garaty for ACT & NSW, or * Tracy Bracken for QLD & VIC

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