Machine Guarding
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Fixed Guarding

  • Is there ANY ACCESS to moving parts or dangerous conditions, during normal or abnormal operations?

  • Are fixed guards robust, securely anchored with fasteners that require the use of tools to remove?

  • Are all parts (Drives, chains, gears, shafts, etc.) adequately covered by a guard?

Interlocking of Moveable Guards

  • Are movable guards protected with the safety rated interlocks?

  • Do pneumatic and hydraulic systems have auto dump valves to release residual energies when interlocks are broken?

  • Are there any obvious single points of failure of the safety system (I.e. -1 mechanical interlock switch on a guard door, 1 Air valve, etc.)?

  • Does the safety system appear to be the appropriate CATEGORY for the equipment and it's hazards?

Presence Sensing

  • Are presence-sensing devices the correct type for the application (I.e. light curtains instead of photo eyes, etc.)

  • Are presence-sensing devices properly positioned (I.e. height of light curtains, distance to hazards/stopping distance, low visibility such as hoist cavities, etc.)?

  • Are presence sensing devices that have a defined function (I.e. muting lit curtain, laser scanning suspension, etc.) controlled by safety rated devices.

Suspension of Safeguards

  • Does the suspension of safeguards have a mode selection device (I.e a keyed jog switch, etc.) incorporated to prevent automatic or inadvertent start up?

  • Do jog controllers require the use of two-hands and have a local e-stop button?

  • Do the jog controls allow the user to see the entire work space? If not, does the jog function allow only one door open in the immediate area?

  • Does the equipment display audio and visual alarms prior to machine jog movement?

  • When in jog mode, does the equipment operate at a reduced speed significantly less than operations speed?

Emergency Stops

  • Does the equipment have an appropriate number of e-stop buttons, located in proximity to work and/or hazard areas?

  • Are e-stops clearly identifiable (yellow background, red head) clearly visible, and quickly accessible control devices?

  • Does the e-stop function as an emergency stopping device regardless of operating mode?

  • Do e-stops have LOTO hasps?

  • Are they used to perform LOTO?

Equipment Reset & Integration

  • A reset of the machine is required at a control panel upon returning from power failure, safety circuit interruption, or triggering an e-stop?

  • Does the equipment require reset of the safety system to be local and can visual verification be performed prior to resetting safety function?

  • Are upstream/downstream equipment controls integrated with the equipments safety system and will shutdown upon triggering an e-stop and/or safeguard failure?


  • Do all energy sources for the equipment have local, lockable isolation devices (I.e. disconnects, self-bleeding air valves, etc.)

  • Does the equipment have a formally documented Energy Control Procedure and is it posted near the machine or does the operator know where to locate it?

  • Are all energy isolation devices located outside of machine guards and access is free of hazards?

  • Do all pneumatic systems have over-pressure protection (I.e. regulator, pressure-relief valve, etc.) and dissipate residual air when close?


  • Hazard warning labels or symbols are present (in the form of symbols or pictograms, or written in native language) on the equipment and its associated safeguards?

  • Are control devices clearly identified on a drawing or pictogram located on the equipment to reference the location of critical safety controls to operators?


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