Inform PC of the radar failure and cancel the standing agreement.

Inform PC Supervisor to instigate flow control.

Inform DEO.

Inform BIAL.

Inform JHFNI & PSNI who shall be apprised of associated restrictions of movements.

Inform GM.

Log book entry.

Publish NOTAM asap.

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When confirmation is received from the DEO that the radar is serviceable the RiT ATCO shall:

Inform PC Antrim.

Inform BIAL.

Set radar defaults as per MATS 2.

Identify traffic on frequency. Caution must be exercised in the execution of this due to the possibility of mid-ident. ATCO's should consider routing a/c out of the hold before identification.

Inform traffic of alteration of service.

Inform PC LAS.

Subsequently, EGAA shall, when able:

Inform PC Antrim and re-instate the standing agreement.

Inform JHFNI & PSNI.

Cancel NOTAM.

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