Confirm the ATIS message is being broadcast.

Select 118.3 Rx on GMC speaker.

Select 128.5 on EHS.

Set ATM range to 40nm.

Activate ANT PLAN, ANT TACT, EGAC and 4282 phone lines.

General broadcast of intent to commence service:
"All stations, Aldergrove Tower. RiT procedures are shortly to enter operation. All traffic on tower frequency 118.3 should monitor 128.5. Out".

Select Role as RiT and open the role (DO NOT CLOSE ADC ROLE FIRST - opening RiT automatically closes ADC)

Take a handover from INT and then keep the line open.

Cross couple 128.5 and UHF8.

Uncouple 118.3 and UHF8 and test.

Inform INT that, "ADC has control of the approach radar function".

General broadcast of commencement of service:
"All stations, Aldergrove. Radar and Tower services are now being provided as a combined function on frequency 128.5. Out".

Enter "RiT Commences" in Log Book.

Update EOPM.


Complete a handover to INT transferring relevant aircraft (those not greyed out) to 128.5 and distributing relevant info strips to INT (Transfer a/c using the frequency field - DO NOT USE THE "SHOW" FUNCTION). NB: greyed out pending strips will automatically be redistributed in INT when RiT role is closed - although not always immediately.

Once INT is ready to accept the operation, state, "You have control of the approach radar function."

Select Role as ADC and open the role ( DO NOT CLOSE RiT ROLE FIRST - opening ADC automatically closes RiT)

Cross couple 118.3 and UHF8.

Uncouple 128.5 and UHF8 and test.

Select 118.3 on EHS.

General broadcast by INT.
"All stations Aldergrove Radar, Aerodrome services will now be provided by Aldergrove Tower on frequency 118.3. I say again, Aerodrome services will now be provided by Aldergrove Tower on frequency 118.3. Out"

De-activate ANT PLAN, ANT TACT, EGAC and 4282 phone line.

Set ATM for 20nm range.

Remove ATIS message.

Enter "RiT Complete" in the Log Book.

Update EOPM.

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