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  • 1. Are all applicable vehicles included in the Fleet Management program?

  • 2. Are all applicable legal requirements identified, maintained and complied with?

  • 3. Is there a written expression of management commitment (fleet policy)?

  • 4. Has the plant identified fleet related hazards and risks (risk assessment)?

  • 5. Has the facility documented, maintained and implemented site specific fleet management rules?

  • 6. Has the facility implemented a process to initially and periodically qualify all drivers?

  • 7. Has the facility implemented individualized driver training and performance review?

  • 8. Has the facility implemented a vehicle inspection and preventative maintenance program to meet manufacturers requirements and covering the topics outlined?

  • 9. Has the facility documented and implemented an accident reporting and investigation program encompassing the mandatory topics outlined?

  • 10. Have continual improvement goals and targets of key performance measurements/metrics been defined and is there a process in place to collect and review data?

  • 11. If vehicles are fueled on site, are Company requirements met?


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