Emergency Response

  • Are all access and aggressive points readily accessible

  • Are exit signs in place and illuminated

  • Are fire extinguishers located in an easy to see location

  • Is a copy of the emergency procedure guide available


  • Is the temperature and airflow in the rooms adequate

  • Is the lighting adequate for the task

  • Are there any sources of excessive noise

  • Is the area free from odour


  • Are electrical items tested and tagged and in date

  • Are electrical appliances in a safe working are (e.g. Heaters, fans)

  • Are leads/cords kept clear of walkways and under desk

  • Is there sufficient space for large documents, completed work or writing


  • Is the area tidy and well kept

  • Are items safety stored so they are not at risk of falling off causing injury

  • Are floor coverings in good condition, are they free of trip hazards

  • Is the work/floor area clear of electrical leads/network cables or obstructions

  • Are filling cabinets/desk drawers closed when not in use

  • Are waste paper bins free of hazardous material (e.g. Broken glass)

Manual Handling

  • Are frequently used items within easy access between knee and shoulder

  • Are heavy items stored at waist height

  • Are step ladders or stools used to access items stored on high shelves

  • Are trolleys available and used to transport items

Ergonomics (Please refer to picture below: 6 steps to setting up a workstation)

  • Is a footrest available if required

  • Is the chair fully adjustable ( seat and back)

  • Is the monitor adjusted to correct height (arms length away from user)

  • Is a document holder provided

  • Is the keyboard, monitor and worker front on

  • Are shoulders relaxed and forearms parallel with keyboard

  • Is space under the desk clear to allow symmetrical posture to access workplace on the desk

  • Auditor

  • Office Manager

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