Title Page

  • Building Size/Type

  • Building Asset Number

  • Location of Building

  • Conducted on

  • Responsible Person For Building.

  • Inspection by


  • Lessor/agent
    1. Inspect the premises.
    2. Mark each item on the list clean, working, undamaged (where applicable).
    3. Make a note of any extra items in the additional comments/information section.
    4. Give a signed copy of the report to the tenant. Keep a copy for your own records.
    5. Ask the tenant to add their comments to the report, initial each page and return it to
    you within 3 days.
    6. If the tenant disagrees about the condition of the premises, encourage them to discuss
    it with you. Comments can be recorded in the additional comments/information section
    (Page 7) or by attaching a separate page.
    Supporting documentation has been attached Yes No
    7. Give a copy of the final report back to the tenant within 14 days of receiving it.
    8. You must keep a copy of the report for at least one year after the tenancy agreement ends.

    1. Inspect the premises.
    2. Comment on any item where you disagree with the lessor/agent, or if you believe
    the report does not reflect the true condition of the premises.
    3. Talk to the lessor/agent if you disagree about the condition of the premises.
    4. Initial each page of the report and send it to the lessor/agent within 3 days.
    5. The lessor/agent must send you a copy of the final report. You may also want to
    make a copy for your own records.
    If the condition report is not given to the tenant/s within 3 days of occupation, the tenant/s
    should obtain, complete and sign their own form and submit to the lessor/agent.

Office Building Inspection


  • General condition

  • Corrosion/Rust

  • Welds

  • Structural steel

  • Lifting points

External Walls

  • General Condition

External Walls

  • Wall Cladding

  • Flashing

  • Fixing

  • Windows

  • Lights

  • Roof


  • General condition


  • AC Outdoor Compressor unit

  • AC Indoor unit

  • Distribution Board

  • Hot Water System

  • Junction Boxes

  • Plumbing Pipes and fittings

  • Lights

  • Exhaust Fan


  • Walls

  • Ceiling

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Flooring

  • Lights

  • Exhaust Fan

  • Kitchen

  • Fridge

  • Wall Mounted Boiler Unit

  • Pie warmer

  • Microwave

Office Furniture

  • Add a Shed


  • Office Furniture
  • Chairs

  • Desks

  • Book shelves

  • Desk Draws

  • Lockers


  • undefined

Inspector Sign-off

  • Add signature

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