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Office Safety and Ergonomics

  • Are the desks and chair suitable for required tasks?

  • Are the chairs easily adjustable?

  • Are there footrests and document holders (where required)?

  • Is the layout of work area suitable for tasks and reduces bending/twisting/overreaching?

  • Are heavy or frequently used items stored at waist height?

  • Are laptops used only for short periods or additional ergonomic equipment provided?

  • Are persons protected from sharp objects?

  • Are free standing fittings (eg filing cabinets/bookcases) secure and stable?

Manual Handling Tasks

  • Are all manual handling hazards identified?

  • Are risk assessments carried out for all identified manual handling risks?

  • Is appropriate manual handling equipment provided?

  • Are staff trained to undertake the manual handling tasks associated with their work?

  • Are staff using correct manual handling techniques for tasks?

  • Are repetitive actions minimised?

  • Is there adequate space for use of appropriate manual handling techniques or mechanical aids?

  • Are the lifting devices/stacking aids/trolleys/handcarts etc serviceable?


  • Are the floors, including aisles and passageways clean and unobstructed?

  • Are the access and egress points always kept clear?

  • Are the storage areas tidy?

  • Are the work areas tidy?

  • Are the tea making and rest areas tidy?

  • Are there provisions for waste disposal with adequate servicing?

Indoor Environment

  • Is there adequate ventilation and airflow?

  • Is the lighting adequate?

  • Are the glare levels satisfactory for tasks?

  • Is the temperature range comfortable?

  • Is the No Smoking policy maintained?

  • Do the noise levels meet the standards?


  • Are passageways free from obstructions, electrical cords and other trip hazards?

  • Are exits accessible, sign posted, adequately lit and not locked?

  • Is there adequate traffic flow?

  • Are the floors, carpets, stair treads, handrails etc in good condition?

Fire Safety

  • Is the fire equipment serviceable?

  • Is there adequate fire fighting equipment?

  • Is the fire equipment accessible?

  • Are flammable materials stored correctly?

  • Are fire escape facilities and evacuation plans and procedures in place?

First Aid and Hygeine

  • Are there adequate, serviceable first aid kits available?

  • Are first aid kits easily accessible and in prominent positions?

  • Is adequate first aid signage, directional arrows present?

  • Are the washing facilities adequate?

  • Is there a supply of running water, soap, towels etc?

  • Is there an appropriate area for clothing storage?

Emergency Procedures

  • Are emergency procedures readily available? eg radiation, chemical etc

  • Are emergency plans readily available?

  • Are warden contact details readily available?

  • Are emergency evacuations/drills practised twice per annum?

  • Is emergency equipment available and accessible? eg eye wash, deluge showers.

  • Are emergency sirens and alarms audible?

Electrical Safety

  • Are light fittings serviceable?

  • Are the power outlets serviceable?

  • Is there an adequate number of power outlets? (quantity and rating)

  • Are there no double adaptors or piggybacking?

  • Are the power leads, extension cords and powerboards serviceable?

  • Is all electrical equipment currently tested and tagged?

  • Are outlets labelled with panel and circuit breaker information for power isolation?

  • Are circuit breakers and main switches for power isolation accessible?

Office Equipment

  • Is all equipment serviceable and in good condition?

  • Is there adequate instruction and training provided for use of machines?

  • Are risk assessment documentation readily available for all machines?

  • Are Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) up to date readily accessible and enforced?

  • Is there adequate signage?

  • Are the step ladders/step stools suitable and serviceable?

Storage Areas

  • Are storage areas accessible with an adequate layout?

  • Are storage areas defined?

  • Are all substances labelled correctly?

  • Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided for all hazardous substances?

  • Is there adequate ventilation of the storage area?


  • Is risk assessment documentation adequate and available?

  • Are SOP's adequate and available?

  • Are the procedures for travel off site adequate?

  • Are the site policies and procedures adequate?

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