• Road Name:

  • Road Number:

  • Site:

  • Document No.

  • Conducted on

  • Inspection carried out by:

  • Supervisor/Ganger

  • Location

Site Checklist


Traffic Control

  • Is TCP in place? (Refer TC Man. Man. 8.1.1)

  • Is it clean and legible?

  • Signed Off

  • Direction to restrict sighted (If needed)

  • VMP in use

  • Portable Traffic Signals, has approval been sighted

  • Temporary Speeds Limits, has DTR been sighted

  • Traffic Controllers - Current Certificate has been sighted


  • Approved high visibility clothing worm

  • Approved hat worn

  • Safety footwear worn

  • Hearing protection worn/available

First Aid

  • Qualified First Aiders on site

  • First Aiders identified or name displayed

  • First aid materials/boxes available


  • Workers/Contractors inducted and register up to date

  • SWMs for each task preformed on site

  • Site safety rules available/displayed

  • OHS Management Plan relevant to site

  • Daily/Weekly OHS checklists completed

General Housekeeping Site Check

Plant and Equipment

  • Required checks carried out

  • Operators trained and Licensed

  • Warning lights operational

  • Reversing Alarm operational

Hazardous Substances

  • MSDS Available

  • Containers labelled

  • Stored appropriately


  • Are all leads tagged?

  • All electrical leads above ground

  • All electrical equipment tagged (Office, shed, ect)

  • Earth Leakage on Portable generators. Trip<30mA

  • Portable generators tagged

  • Hired electrical items tagged

  • Is Electrical inspection book sighted on-site


  • Is there a plan relevant to the site

  • Spill Kits on site

  • Dust/Noise controls in place

Public Safety

  • Site access controlled

  • Appropriate barricades, fencing, ect in place

  • Have all obvious Nonconformance's been identified

Checklist Answers

  • If the answer to any of these questions is NO, has a NCR been raised by the contractor

  • If a NCR has not been raised, explain why

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