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  • Daily Checklist for Pile Driving
    I-5 North Coast Corridor Project

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  • Has the Daily Pre-Start been completed?

  • Is the work area clearly delineated with adequate signage around pile driving operation?

  • Crane is level and conditions are adequate under each out-rigger or track?

  • Crane swing protection radius is up?

  • Power lines, overhead obstructions and other services are identified?

  • All fall protection, including what is attached to leads has been inspected?

  • Daily inspections for support equipment have been completed?

  • A spill kit is on-site, housekeeping is adequate around site and obstructions removed?

  • Holes are covered and uneven ground has been leveled out?

  • All rigging gear has been inspected?<br>

  • Unused rigging gear has been properly stored ie not on the ground?

  • A fire extinguisher is present and in working order?<br>

  • All vehicles, company and personal, are safely parked?<br>

  • Is hearing protection being utilized?<br>


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