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Pin Point

  • 'Why we are different' screen viewed and the 3 reasons why we are different explained to customer?

  • 'Live tariff check' page shown to customer and clearly explained how it works and how we are comparing our deals.

  • 'What network are you currently on' screen completed - Must select both the network and the current payment method

  • 'What we're going to do today' screen completed in full. Must select Trade in OR check the 'No phone' box where applicable to complete

  • Explore 4G - Did the consultant explore 4G by triggering the video from the 'Explore 4G ' button

  • 'Select Phone' - Did the consultant select a phone and click 'I want this phone'?

  • Did the consultant discuss current data usage with customer and future proof the calculation?

  • Did the consultant accept the future proofed data calculation?

  • Did the consultant select Texts and confirm?

  • Did the consultant select Minutes and confirm?

  • Did the consultant perform a network coverage check? Note: A network must be selected next to the coverage map

  • Did the consultant select the product ID from right sell or manually enter?

  • Did the consultant enter the transaction number on the 'Sorted' screen?

RAG Report

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