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  • Wearing Hard Hat/Bump Cap/good condition/inspected/in date?

  • Wearing appropriate safety footwear/in good condition?

  • Wearing appropriate gloves suitable for task/in good condition?

  • Wearing or has access to Wet Weather Gear/in good condition (where required)?

  • Is hearing protection immediately available?

  • Is Eye Protection immediately available?

  • Wearing Hi Vis Jacket/Vest/good condition (class 3 for highway use)?

  • Remedial Actions


  • Do you have a Leptospirosis (pink Card)/Clean water (blue card)?

  • Are Good Personal Hygiene Practices followed / hand wipes/anti bacterial gel available?

  • Remedial Actions

First Aid

  • Is First Aid kit Available/In Date/ Inspected/complete?

  • Are you trained in first aid procedures?

  • Remedial Actions


  • Do you have a completed vehicle/plant Inspection Log?

  • Is vehicle/plant in good condition/operation/defects logged?

  • Is a flashing beacon available?

  • Is a fire extinguisher available / Is it in date?

  • Are COSHH sheets available?

  • Remedial Actions

Lifting Equipment

  • Is lifting equipment inspected/ in date/good condition?

  • Remedial Actions

Gas Detection

  • Is a gas monitor available?

  • Are gas monitors calibrated/tested/certified/ in good condition readily available for use?

  • Remedial Actions

Working with Electrical Equipment

  • Are electrical tools PAT tested/in date/in good condition?

  • Do you use an electrical tester?

  • Is the electrical tester calibrated/in-date/in good condition?

  • Remedial Actions

Essential Equipment

  • Are red locks (x3) / personal safety locks available?

  • Are isolation tags available?

  • Is a working torch available?

  • Are a set of drain rods available?

  • Is a working ammonia meter and test kits available?

  • Is a BOD tube available?

  • Are a set of manhole lifting keys available?

  • Remedial Actions


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