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  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • PPM Visit Type


  • Was the Plant Room secured on arrival

  • Are you aware of your escape routes and fire exit locations

  • Have you got the correct tools to carry out the works safely and correctly

  • Are any Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits or Eyes Washes on site in good order (where applicable)

Visual Inspection (Water Leakage/Gas Leakage)

  • Pumps

  • Boilers & Heat Generating Equipment

  • Pressurisation Units/Degassers

  • Strainers

  • Filters (Xpots/Dirt Air Separator etc)

  • Risers/Laterals/Auto Air Vents/Balancing Valves Etc in any Block(s) served by plant room

  • Expansion Vessel Charge checked

Visual Inspection (Damage and Abnormalities)

  • Pipework, Valves, Lagging, Fixings Etc

  • Pumps

  • Boilers and Heat Generating Equipment

  • Pressurisation Units/Degassers & Filling Loops/Quick Fills

  • Filters

  • Electrical System including BMS/Programmers, trunking, switches, Estops Etc

  • Plant Room including, Doors, Ventilators, Duct work Etc

  • Risers/Laterals/Auto Air Vents/Balancing Valves Etc in any Block(s) served by plant room

Testing of Apparatus & Plant (Including Test Running off any Plant in Standby Mode)

  • Tested Pumps

  • Tested Boilers & Heat Generating Equipment (For Operation only not Gas Safety Checking)

  • Tested Presurisation Units/Degassers, filling loops, Quick fills

  • Tested BMS/Electrical Switches/Programmers for correct operation

  • Tested All Other Equipment in the Plant Room

Maintenance Tasks

  • Cleaned Dirt Air Separators by flushing (weekly)

  • Flushed Dead Legs to minimise Legionella Risk (weekly)

  • Run all plant in standby mode for ensure working (weekly)

  • Cleaning of Plant room sweep out and clear rubbish etc (Monthly)

  • Exercised Valves on Site to Ensure Free and Working (3 Monthly)

  • Cleaned Strainers (3 Monthly)

  • Water Samples Taken (3 Monthly)

  • Block Risers Strainer Cleaning & Valve Testing (3 Monthly)

  • Inhibitor Top Up/System Cleaned (if requested)

Temperature & Pressure Recording

  • Primary Circuit System Pressure (BAR)

  • Secondary Circuit if Applicable (BAR)

  • Flow Temperature Exiting Plant Room Degrees C

  • Return Temperature Entering Plant Room Degrees C

Commercial Sites

  • Are the pumps controlled via External BMS or Local Inverters

  • Do pumps require any maintance works

  • What maintenance works is required

  • Is the Plant room clean from dust?

  • Is the adequate cooling ventilation?

  • Is there any mechanical venatilation

  • Has a 3 monthly PPM been carried out?

  • Is plant equipment operating correctly?

  • Is the plant floor sealed?

  • Does the room require painting?

  • Are the boilers 0-10v volts?

  • Are there strainers in the plant room?

  • Is there an Elysator on site?

  • Is a X Pot Present

  • Is there a commercial kitchen on site?

  • Is there Gas laundry appliances?

  • Is there Emergency Lighting working/present?

  • Is there a cold water tap on site?

  • Is there a CHP on site?

  • Is the CHP operational?

  • What key is currently being used for the Plantroom ?

  • What key is currently being used for the Gas Meter?


  • PPM Visit Completed

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