General Voyage Details

PISCES/Shipcon aware of voyage?


Lay by - anchorage/buoy?

Weather forecast suitable for voyage?

Vessel/ Freight Specifics

State of Trim?

Aft hold cargo type and quantity?

Fwd hold cargo type and quantity?

Intention to bunker?

Steering and auxiliary steering methods tested and satisfactory?

Vessel navigation equipment satisfactory for voyage?

Engine Room Report

Port fuel tank reading

Starboard fuel tank reading

Midships fuel tank reading
Main engine lubrication oil used?
Main engine gearbox oil used?
Hydraulic steering oil used?

Main engine coolant levels ok?

Main generator operational to satisfactory level?

Auxiliary generators operational to satisfactory level?

Engine room bilge level satisfactory for voyage?

Deck Report

LSA present and In good order as per LSA plan?

Trip hazards removed from deck?

All items stowed correctly?

Watertight integrity ensured?

Damage report?

Deck equipment satisfactory for voyage?

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