Sections Completed

  • Check list handling

  • A - Particular Book (diisi BOS/GL/FM H-1) dan Daily Breafing

  • B - Duty Check List

  • C - VIP/CIP Handling Check List

  • Quality assurance

  • D - PSA (People and Process)

  • E - Sky Priority SCP 2 (Premises)

  • F - Departure Lounge

Section A - Particular Book (diisi BOS/FM/GL H-1) Has it been done in accordance to the list below?

Particular Book

  • VIP/CIP Handling, Special Handling Request, Irregularities Handling)

  • Update information from Email, Whatsapp, etc

  • Check for Flight Booking Position (more attention to First Class and Business Class)

  • Check update information from PIN, HIN and RIN

Briefing (Max. 30 minutes)

  • Opening pray

  • Morning Greetings

  • Update for today's handling (based on particular and email)

  • Update new regulations (PIN, HIN, RIN)

  • Daily Handling Evaluation

  • Total staff and performance report

  • Working equipment support (Hotline, HT, desk phone, system, etc)

  • Sharing season

  • Question and answer

  • Closing pray and Garuda's greeting

Section B - Duty Check List Has it been done in accordance to the list below?

  • Check particular book

  • Update and do a coordination with unit concern for update information (Email, Whatsapp, etc)

  • Invoice verification
    Limo, lounge, staff, fast track, etc

  • Input Update data on particular book

  • Check BOS report for updating First Class check list and VIP/CIP

  • Please indicate all flight files that have been checked, indicating any abnormalities (include flt#, date, reg and route):

Section C - VIP/CIP Handling Check List Has it been done in accordance to the list below?

Reservations Check

  • Check VIP/CIP Reservation

  • Check Flight detail information
    - Aircraft Registration
    - Booking Position
    - VIP/CIP on board

Assign Passengers Service Assistant (PSA)

  • Plotting PSA for assiting VIP/CIP

Reserve VIP Room at GA LOUNGE

  • Confirm VIP Room at GA LOUNGE to Lounge MoD (Manager on Duty )

  • Check TV conditions

  • Trash Bin conditions

  • Furniture conditions
    - clean and tidy

  • Scent of the VIP Room

  • Reading Material
    - update and tidy

  • Lamp and plant conditions

Make a coordination with Contact Person

  • Arrival time at airport

  • Total group

  • Seat arrangement

  • Car detail
    - type of car
    - colors
    - police no

  • Driver detail
    - name
    - phone no

  • Special Request

  • Boarding preference (late or early boarding)

Coordination with CGKKIGA (Pre Flight)

  • Boarding gate preparation

Coordination with Premium Check In Spv

  • Print out boarding pass
    (The latest update)

  • Prepare baggage tag

  • Baggage photographs

Coordination with CGKKOGA (Operation)

  • Schedule update (on time or delay)

  • Seat/cabin serviceability

  • Aircraft Parking Stand

  • Update info to ramp and crew

  • Special request (meal, boarding preference, etc)

  • ULD no and Loading Positions (for VIP/CIP baggage)

Coordination with CGKKAGA (Aviation Security)

  • Update total baggage and tag no

  • Assisting baggage from check in counter to aircraft (vv)

  • Set up car parking stand for pick up service

Coordination with third party

  • Noted to CIQ and Aviation Security (AP2)

Coordination with CGKBOS (Back Office Staff)

  • Pre Information to outstation by sending an email
    - seat occupied
    - VIP/CIP Group
    - Baggage tag
    - Baggage photograph
    - ULD No
    - Loading position
    - Special request
    - others information

Section - D Passengers Service Assistance (People and Process)

People Is the employee meets 100% of the standard performance ?


  • Hair style

  • Make up

  • Uniform

  • Body care (hand and body scent)

  • Using standard name tag and Sky Team Pin

  • Ideal Body weight (Height - 110)

Knowledge and skill

  • Technical and product knowledge

  • Communication in English

Process Is the process being run 100% according to standard ?

Greeting - opening

  • Use GA's greeting

  • Smile and eyes contact

  • Greeting (Good morning, afternoon, evening, etc)

Assist (how to interact with customers)

  • Asking for ticket and Garuda Miles

  • Profiling pax and documents

  • Welcoming First Class, business Class and Platinum Members to premium check in and inviting to sit at Premium check in

  • Asking for seat preference and other request

  • Accepting or giving the flight documents to pax with both hand

  • Saying pax name while communicating

  • Pointed something politely (using open hand)

  • Ask permission while leaving or coming back to passengers

  • Do confirmation to pax about flight information (flight no, seat no, boarding time, gate, lounge, etc)

  • Accompanied passengers to fast track and lounge (departure)


  • Thank to pax by using their name

  • On stand up position while greeting to pax

  • GA's greeting

  • Smile and eyes contact

Overall attitude and gestures

  • Responsive

  • Friendly and polite (expressions, communication and body language)

Section E - Sky Priority SCP 2 (Premises) Do the following premises is 100% clean, tidy and functional ?

Working area

  • SkyPriority Signage

  • Red Carpet

  • Staff chair

Section F - Departure Lounge (Premises) Do the following premises is 100% clean, tidy and functional ?

Lounge Area and Facilities

  • Internet facility

  • Gardening and Florist

  • Reading Material

  • Lighting

  • Air Conditioner

  • Sofa

  • Desk

  • Reception desk

  • FIDS

  • Watch

  • Trash bin

Food crockery

  • Drinking equipment

  • Eating equipment

Toilet Facilities

  • Toilet equipment (soap, tissue, towel)

  • Air freshener

  • Trash bin

  • Shower

Section F - Arrival Lounge (Premises) Do the following premises is 100% clean, tidy and functional ?

Lounge Area and Facilities

  • Reception Desk

  • Sofa

  • Reading Material

  • Air Condition

  • Trash Bin

  • Lighting

Food crockery

  • Drinking Equipment

Toilet Facilities

  • Toilet equipment (soap, tissue, towel)

  • Air Fresher

  • Trash Bin

  • Shower

Airport Station Checklist Complete

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