• Employees trained in emergency procedures?

  • Equipment operators certified and trained?

  • Employees trained and qualified to perform their assigned duties?


  • Tool box safety meetings being conducted?

  • JSA's being implemented?

  • Adequate first aid equipment available?

  • Employees wearing proper PPE?

  • Are applicable MSD'S available?


  • Safe work practices being followed?

  • Lay down areas neat and orderly?

  • Combustible/ flammable materials properly stored/ labeled?

  • General housekeeping in good order?

  • Passage ways/ walkways clear of obstructions?

  • Sanitary facilities adequate and clean?

  • Adequate lighting provided?

  • Work permit controls in place? "Safe work permit"


  • Ample fire extinguishers present identified/ checked/ inspected?

  • "No smoking" and or "open flame" signage posted where needed?

  • Fire watch being utilized, are they trained?

  • Gas monitors being used, bumped daily and calibrated monthly?

  • Hot work permits procedure in place and being used?

  • Housekeeping and ample trash receptacles in place?


  • All electrical cords are free of damage and not improperly spliced?

  • Lock-out/ tag-out procedures being used?

  • Attached to all electrical sources/ cords/ generators?

  • All tanks/ vessels/ generators grounded properly?

  • All electrical panels/ breakers/ wires labeled properly?

  • All electrical panels have covers?

  • "Danger overhead power lines" signage in place?

  • Proper clearance to access in all panels/ boxes?


  • Is trench excavation over 5 feet deep and being occupied by employees?

  • Is a competent person on site?

  • Who?

  • Trench properly shore/ trenched/ sloped/ configured to soil classification?

  • Site excavation checklist utilized?

  • Spoil piles are at least 2 feet beyond excavation?

  • Adequate egress and access provided every 25 feet ramps/ ladders?

  • Ladders extend 3 feet above excavation?

  • Crossovers/ walkways adequately/ properly built with hand rails?

  • Adjacent structures properly barricaded?

  • Equipment/ vehicles parked at a safe distance from excavation?

  • Is excavation considered to be a confined space?


  • Is a hot work permit required?

  • Fire watch needed/ required/ present?

  • Fire extinguishers present?

  • All grinders have guards on them?

  • All pressurized bottles are secured?

  • All hoses/ leads are in good condition?

  • Welders have hardhats/ pancakes/ proper PPE?

  • Face shields are being utilized?

  • All screens and shields are up in place where needed?

  • Proper PPE worn by all?

  • All torches/ hoses/ regulators are not left unattended/ charged?


  • Pre-shift inspections completed and documented?

  • Operators are task trained?

  • All equipment is in good operating condition?

  • Fire extinguishers are mounted on all pieces of equipment?

  • All glass is in good condition?

  • Backup alarms are working properly?

  • All implements are on the ground while parked?

  • Wheels are chocked/ equipment is turned into the bank where applicable?

  • Seat belts are worn by all operators?

  • Roads/ travel ways well-maintained?

  • No major oil/ fluid leaks?


  • The proper tools being used for the job?

  • Tools are in good working condition. Chisels mushroomed, handles cracked/ broken?


  • All tools are in working condition?

  • All tools are properly guarded where applicable?

  • All power cords are in satisfactory condition?


  • All ladders are in good working condition?

  • All ladders are secured, both extended and stepladders?

  • The proper ladder is being used for the job?


  • Scaffolding is properly anchored with footing's and secured?

  • Scaffolding is properly tagged: red, green and yellow?

  • Scaffolding is being inspected daily by a competent person?

  • All toe boards, mid-rails, top rails are in place and our are OSHA compatible?

  • All planks are in place not less than 18 inches wide?


  • Cables/ sheaves/ slings/ hooks/ eyes are in good working condition?

  • Outriggers are in good working order?

  • Unit is properly secured/ proper pads are in place on outriggers?

  • Lift plan is in place?

  • Critical lift plan under/ permit in place where applicable?

  • Does pick fall under critical list guidelines/ criteria?

  • All controls are working properly, load limits, indicators?

  • Crane operators and riggers are certified?

  • Signal men are being utilized?

  • Tag lines are being utilized?

  • Swing radius and pic perimeter is properly barricaded?

  • Pre pick meetings held prior to guarded/ commencement of work?

  • Power lines are a safe/ proper distance from pics?


  • Floor openings are playing over, barricaded?

  • Proper barricading of excavations, holes, hazards are properly done with either cautionary yellow, danger, keep out, red, or a physical barricade?

  • All hazards are identified?


  • Flammables and combustibles are properly stored in a fire resistant cabinet/ box?

  • All containers clearly identified?

  • Fire hazards check?

  • Proper signage is in place?

  • Fire extinguishers present?


  • All compressed cylinders are properly secured?

  • Proper signage is in place?

  • Adequate fire extinguishers/ protection is in place?

  • Proper storage/ spacing is OSHA compliant?

  • All caps are on non-invasive bottles?

  • All portable carts are secured with proper guards in place?

  • "Stored bottles" have not been used in 24 hours?


  • Proper signage is in place "NO SMOKING" and "OPEN FLAME"?

  • All tanks/ vessels are properly grounded?

  • Adequate fire extinguishers/ protection are present?

  • All tanks/ vessels are in a containment (proper) that will contain the largest tank/ vessel unless self-contained?

  • All vessels/ tanks are clearly identified?


Contractor supervisor/ competent person :

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Pro-Pipe HSE representative :

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