Title Page

  • Step 1. Following the department DRM, please identify the top 3 risk machines/processes.

  • Step 2. Perform "Go-See" on identified machines/processes.

  • Step 3. Carry out the process audit.

  • Step 4. Report any failings and/or findings as appropriate.

Inspection Details

  • Inspector Name

  • Date of Inspection

  • Shift

  • Machine

  • Tool

  • Lot Number

  • Audit Time Start

  • Audit Time Finish

  • Operator Clock

  • Shift Team Leader

Audit Questions

  • Is the machine safe (any safety behavioural observations)?

  • Are the product acceptance standards available?

  • Is there a full & complete submission at the work station?

  • Is there a previous quality check sample available & acceptable?

  • Is the F100 completed correctly (including traceability data)?

  • Verify all raw materials & components are correct to the works order.

  • Is the machine & surrounding area clean & tidy?

  • Are the packaging & labels correct?

  • Are specific machine short interval controls being followed?

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