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  • Checks to be performed weekly. For any issues, please contact your Team Manager.

Mixer Checks

  • All Euro bins have been cleaned and covers back on ?

  • Flour sieve overtails checked and no foreign matter present ?

  • Work stations, scales and shovels are cleaned ?

  • All scoops and cleaning equipment cleaned and stored correctly ?

  • Pallet of paper/carton waste is placed in RM room to be emptied ?

  • Washroom, sink, mop bucket are cleaned ?

  • Ingredients tubs are cleaned, air dried and stacked ?

  • Name and Signature

Fritsch Line Checks

  • Moulding guides removed and cleaned ?

  • Moulding plastic chains removed and cleaned ?

  • Water trays & guar gum storage unit cleaned ?

  • Empty and clean all brush trays and waste tubs ?

  • Work stations and scales are cleaned ?

  • Sulo/ mega bins are set in RM room to be emptied ?

  • Name and Signature

Prover and Oven Checks

  • Waste tray from vacuum system emptied ?

  • Sulo/ mega bins are set in RM room to be emptied ?

  • All dough removed from the oven entry ?

  • Remove excess dough from oven load belt using plastic scraper ?

  • Washroom , sink , mop bucket are cleaned ?

  • Scoring unit/water trays are cleaned ?

  • Name and Signature

Packing Checks

  • Packing line is brushed down and cleaned ?

  • Sulo/ mega bins are set outside to be emptied ?

  • Floor has been sweeped ?

  • Work stations and scales are cleaned ?

  • Belt exit of metal detector wiped with Ultramax ?

  • S/steel slide and Flippers wiped with Ultramax ?

  • Conveyers wiped down with a damp cloth ?

  • Name and Signature

  • Enter and comments or Corrective Actions

Team Manager Signoff

  • Name and Signature of Team Manager

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