Displays and signage

Sanitising procedures

Food storage guide

No smoking sign

Lock down procedures

Sun protection

Infection exclusion guide

Parent code of conduct

Chopping board guide

Food preparation guide

Evacuation provedures

Notification sign of infection/illness

Immunisation guide

We have a child diagnosed with anaphylaxis

Displays and signage in staff room/Coordinators office/area

Diligent supervision

Asthma and diabetes management guides

Indoor/outdoor supervision guides

Information available for families

PANOSH folder

Information on headlice

Lunch box alternatives

Information on common infections

Evidence and documentation

Medication forms in place if applicable

Asthma management plan in place if applicable

Anaphylactic management plan in place if applicable

Evacuation drill completed in last 3 months

Excursion risk assessments completed

Medication within date

Health management forms updated regularly

Incident reports

ECEC reporting


Correct sign in and out forms

Child escort forms

Allergy management cards/forms in place

Medication permissions forms utilised

First aid kit is suitable for number of children

First aid kit is out of reach of children

First Aid kit is accessible and clearly signed

First aid kit is fully stocked

First aid contents are in date

Educator attendance records

Working telephone/mobile in place

Parenting orders in child folders

Utilisation sheet used for calling roll

Additional blank sign in and out sheets

Child access information/cards place

Child enrolment forms

Sign in and out forms correct

Facilities and resources

Administrative area is defined

Visibillity of children is free and unencumbered

Laundry facilities or access to facilities

Soiled items bucket

Staff/Coordinator area clean and well organised

Child Protection Act 1999

7sq m outdoor play space

3.25sq m floor space per child (unencumbered)

Know your food business (booklet)

Food covered, labelled and expiry noted

Kitchen benches free of clutter and clean

Microwave / stove clean

Draws tidy and well organnised

Furniture and equipment is clean and safe

A space is available for private conversations

Parent area is clean and well organised

Adequate safe drinking water is available at all time

Furniture and equipment is age appropriate

Food Safety It's All In The Handling (factsheet)

Room is clean and well organised

Fridge is clean and well organised

Cupboards tidy and well organised

Toilet facilities

Toilets are accessible both inside and outside

Boys toilets have handwashing signs

Boys toilets have hand drying facilities

Boys toilets have soap

Boys toilets have bin (if liner has a lid)

Toilet facilities are easily accessible

Staff toilets have soap

Staff toilets have bin (if liner has lid)

Staff toilets have hand washing signs

Staff toilets have hand drying facilities

Girls toilets have hand washing signs

Girls toilets have hand drying facilities

Girls toilets have soap

Girls toilets have bin (if liner has lid)

Sanitary napkin disposal unit available


Good health and hygiene is practised by children

Cleaning roster in place and utilised

Good health and hygiene is practised by adults

Service check list in place and utilised

Staff actively supervise children at all times and are able to clearly see children at all time

Children are escorted to and from toilets - where toilets are out of sight of staff / service

All staff are aware of their obligations under the relevant state or territory Child Protection Legislation

Visitors are asked to sign in and blue cards checked

Educator resources

Ratio guide

Branch contact information

Physical activities for children 5-12 years

Updated form 30

Behaviour management information

Looking After Our Kids

Healthy Eating and Physical Activities guide

Dietary guidelines for children and adolescents

Poisonous plants

Award information

Staying healthy in childcare

Health and Safety Comments


I have been informed of the basic outline of the audit conducted on ___________
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.