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  • This audit ensures the successful operation of the IMS (Integrated Management System) to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements in accordance with:

    🔶 AS/NZS ISO 9001
    🔶 AS/NZS ISO 14001
    🔶 OHSAS 18001
    🔶 AS/NZS 4801
    🔶 Workplace Health & Safety Act
    🔶 Workplace Health & Safety Regulations

Project Audit Details

  • Project term to date

  • Site audit term

  • Audit Participants

  • Structural Systems OHS Rep

  • Site Supervisor

  • Additional participant name/s

Activities Audited


  • Have hazards been identified and risks assessed?

  • Are controls measures for high risk activities documented in Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)?

  • Are SWMS current and site specific?

  • Have there been any hazards identified?

  • Check box if hazard reports are completed


  • Have there been any incidents on site?

  • Have Incident Register Reports been completed?

  • Have Incident Register Reports been sent to head office?

  • Is the Worksafe injury management and return-to-work program displayed?


  • Are monthly site inspections conducted?

  • Is a Monthly Site Inspection Report completed?


  • Is the following project information in site folders current?

  • Project details and site address

  • Description of works

  • Organization details

  • Supervisor details

  • Are the following registers up to date

  • Training & Competency

  • Plant & Equipment

  • Lifting Equipment

  • Electrical Equipment and Test & Tag registers

  • Hazardous Substance/Dangerous Goods

  • Toolbox Meeting Register Reports

  • Have all employees and subcontractors been inducted into the system and signed the Induction Register and QSE Plan Responsibilities?


  • Are ITP's documented and signed

  • Are current drawings available and drawing register up to date?

Workplace Inspection


  • Are access paths clear?

  • Are access paths defined (signage, tape,etc.)?

  • Do prohibited areas display warning signs?

  • Are prohibited areas barricaded?


  • Is dust suppressed / watered down?

  • Are stockpiles protected from wind?

  • Is all plant & equipment maintained to minimize emissions?


  • Is electrical equipment tested and tagged?

  • Are portable generators in use?

  • Are portable generators fitted with RCD's?


  • Are first aid kits provided?

  • Are first aid kits refreshed?

  • Is a First Aid Officer available?

  • Are evacuation procedures in place?

  • Are the emergency contacts displayed?

  • Are fire extinguishers and equipment available?


  • Are MSDS's available for products on site?

  • Do the SWMS list precautions for use and relevant MSDS availability?

  • Are Acetylene and oxygen cylinders in use?

  • Are cylinders stored correctly?

  • Is Dangerous Goods sign clearly visible?


  • Is there any working at height required?

  • Is perimeter protection in place?

  • Are penetrations covered?

  • Are handrails in place?

  • Is fall restraint/arrest system in use?

  • Are SWMS being followed?


  • Are materials stacked neatly?

  • Is the work area well lit?

  • Are bins available and in use?

  • Is signage in place?

  • Are electrical leads suspended?

  • Are walkways, stairs and work areas clear?


  • Are trolleys and aids in use where applicable?

  • Are Manual Handling hazards and controls documented in a SWMS and being followed?

  • Is job rotation applied where applicable?


  • Is plant & equipment maintained?

  • Are site hours being observed?

  • Are noisy works identified?

  • Is hearing protection used in accordance with SWMS?


  • Select compulsory PPE

  • Is PPE being used when required and in accordance with SWMS?

  • Is PPE correctly worn by employees?


  • Are maintenance records provided and up to date?

  • Is the Daily Log Book completed?

  • Is the operator ticketed / competency verified?

  • Are the Plant SWMS being followed?


  • Is the Lifting register up to date?

  • Have the Lifting devices had a 6 monthly inspection by a competent person?

  • Are the welds on the lifting devices sound? (Visual inspection)

  • Are the Lifting point sound without signs of significant damage or wear?

  • If NO is selected have you placed an "Out of service" tag and informed management?

  • Does the lifting device have a clear displayed Pant number?

  • Does the lifting device have a clear displayed Lifting capacity?


  • Is the work area secure from the public?

  • Is overhead protection provided where applicable?


  • Are there any other observations or comments?

  • Comments

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