1.0 Gathering Equipment, Supplies, and Products

  • 1.1 Gather cleaning solutions to clean

  • 1.2 Kreem kleen, Saffelle (liquid live), Saffelle (non acid restroom cleaner), glass cleaner all should be placed on custodial cart for cleaning

  • 1.3 Add stick broom, dust pan, high duster, mop and mop bucket

  • 1.4 Fill mop bucket with water and add mop solution damp mop or green packets

  • 1.5 Mop water must be changed before cleaning each restroom

2.0 Begin restroom cleaning

  • 2.1 Remove dust from walls, vents, and partitions using a high duster

  • 2.2 Sweep floors with stick broom

3.0 Cleaning sinks chrome, and pipes

  • 3.1 Spray Saffelle (non-acid restroom cleaner) on entire sink and pipes

  • 3.2 Turn on water and allow to run slowly, as cleaning rag becomes saturated begin to clean sinks and pipes

  • 3.3 (Optional) Kreem Cleanser applied to wet rag can be used to remove build up on chrome and sinks

  • 3.4 Dry sinks and pipes using wrung out rag

  • 3.5 Re-dry faucet and pipes with a paper towel

  • 3.6 Clean walls around and under sink using non-acid restroom cleaner and rag

4.0 Cleaning urinals and toilets

  • 4.1 Spray Saffle (non acid restroom cleaner) on urinals and toilets<br>

  • 4.2 Wet bowl mop/rag and clean toilets and urinals inside out.

  • 4.3 Dry urinals and toilets with rag and chrome with paper towel

  • 4.4 Wipe walls around and under urinals and toilets using Saffle non-acid restroom cleaner and Liquid Live

5.0 Cleaning chrome

  • 5.1 Bi-Weekly clean chrome using kreem Kleen on a wet rag

  • 5.2 Daily or as needed clean chrome using Saffle non-acid restroom cleaner and wet rag

  • 5.3 Make sure to remove excess build up around chrome

  • 5.4 Re-dry chrome with paper towel

6.0 Restocking

  • 6.1 Stock paper towels, soap, and tissue

  • Change light bulbs as needed

7.0 Mopping bathroom floor

  • 7.1 Mop entire floor corners and behind toilets using Damp Mop floor cleaner or Saffle non-acid restroom cleaner

  • 7.2 Use Saffle Liquid Live to mop floors in boys restrooms as needed to remove odor


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