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Site Conditions

  • Housekeeping-Is the site neat and tidy and maintained to minimise risk?

  • Ground/slope Conditions - have the ground conditions been assessed and controls implemented to reduce risk?


  • Is there a designated materials storage area and kept neat and tidy?

Air Quality

  • Are Dust, Vapour and Fumes adequately controlled?

  • Is there a designated Smoking area and is smoking undertaken according to legislative and project directives?

Site Security

  • Is the work area secured from the public?

Site Access

  • Are access paths defined (signage/barriers/designated walkways)?

  • Are Access paths clear?

Site Facilities/Amenities

  • Are there appropriate Facilities/Amenities available for the number of employees on site and are they maintained?

Noise Control

  • Are noisy works identified and control measures in place?

  • Is hearing protection used in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures and JSA's?

Working at Heights/Fall Protection

  • Is perimeter fall protection in place? (including but not limited to Handrails/protective Barriers)

  • Is there a fall restraint/arrest system in use and set up correctly?

  • Is a Harness required and has it been inspected?

  • Is Rope protection in place?

  • Are Double Ropes being used?

  • Has all equipment been inspected prior to use?

  • Are the works supervised by a Level 3 Rope Access Supervisor?

  • Are the Level 3 Rope Access Supervisors qualifications up to date?

Site Safety Inspections

  • Are regular Site Safety Inspections conducted?

  • Are actions, as a result of the Safety Inspections, closed out within a reasonable timeframe?


  • Have employees undertaken an SRG Company Induction?

  • Have employees/subcontractors undertaken a project specific Induction?


  • Are Daily Pre-start Meetings conducted?

  • Are regular Tool Box Talks conducted?

Risk Management

  • Have hazards been identified and risks assessed?

  • Are control measures for high risk activities documented in a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) or Job Safety Analysis (JSA)?

  • Are SWMS's/JSA's current and project specific?

First Aid and Emergency Preparedness

  • Is there a fully stocked First Aid Kit in place?

  • Is there a Level 3 First Aider and is their training current?

  • Is there a Rescue Plan in place?

  • Is there a designated Emergency Evacuation Point and is it sign posted?

  • Are employees aware of the nearest Emergency Evacuation Point?

  • Is there an Emergency Rescue Kit in place?

  • Have there been any incidents/injuries to SRG Employees/Subcontractor on site and if so, have these been recorded in QEST? (mark N/A if No Incidents)


  • Are Non-conformances documented and entered into QEST?

  • Are Non-conformances closed within designated time frames?

Electrical Compliance

  • Is Electrical Equipment tested and tagged?

  • is an Electrical Equipment Register maintained and up to date?

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