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  • Have emergency procedures for fire, injury and toxic emergencies been developed and written into the CPHSP and covered in project specific inductions?

  • Are there Site warning systems and are the operatives aware of them?

  • Is the fire assembly point clearly signposted and indicated on a site drawing?

  • Are emergency procedures posted?

  • Are fire extinguishers available and suitable?

  • Are emergency exits identified, access free and readily opened?

  • Is a person appointed to take control and carry out roll calls in case of an emergency?

  • Are operatives trained to use fire extinguishers and is it recorded?

  • Are evacuation drills required and practiced?

  • Are there repeat local warning systems in place where required, i.e. radio communication?

  • Has there been contact with external emergency services to communicate any project specific hazards?

First aid Boxes

  • Are there sufficient numbers of first aid boxes on site?

  • Do the first aid boxes have suitable and sufficient first aid supplies? (There should be a contents list inside the box).

  • Does the first aid box contain any tablets or medicine? (It should not).

  • Are the first aid boxes subject to a regular inspection for contents and expiry dates?

  • First aid boxes should be dust and damp proof containers.

First Aid Room

  • Is there a dedicated first aid room? If not, what arrangements are in place to provide a suitable room for use as a first aid room?

  • Is the First Aid Room large enough to hold an examination/medical couch, with enough space at each side for people to work, a chair and any necessary additional equipment;

  • Does it have washable surfaces and adequate heating, ventilation and lighting;

  • Is it kept clean, tidy, accessible and available for use at all times when employees are at work

  • Is it positioned as near as possible to a point of access for transport to hospital;

  • Does it have a displayed notice on the door advising of the names, locations and, if appropriate, telephone extensions of first- aiders and how to contact them.

Trained First Aiders

  • <br>Are there trained FAW (First Aid at Work, three day trained) First Aiders on site and do they know their duties? (Minimum of one FAW trained individual required on any RVA project at all times).

Training Certificates

  • Are first aiders training certificates available?

  • Does it state the name of training organisation?

  • Does it state the name of qualification?

  • Does it state the name of individual?

  • Does it have a validity period for three years from date of course completion?

  • Does it have an indication that the certificate has been issued for the purposes of complying with the requirements of the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981?

  • Does it have a statement that teaching was delivered in accordance with currently accepted first-aid practice?

  • If the qualification is neither FAW nor EFAW, an outline of the topics covered.



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