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  • Walkways/roadways/escape routes clear of debris/swept clean.

  • Walkways/roadways/escape routes clearly designated

  • Working areas to have demolition arisings (structural steel, pipes,<br>concrete, brick, etc) regularly moved and neatly stockpiled.

  • Pipework, removed from within structures, to be moved to the side<br>of working areas keeping working areas and escape routes clear

  • Drains identified and protected/sealed to eliminate risk of<br>environmental incident.

  • Waste materials segregated and neatly piled. Waste should be in<br>skips

  • Waste materials despatched off site regularly/not stockpiled.

  • Ongoing ‘tidy up’ regime throughout day, with final sweep at end of<br>day.

  • Insulation material; calcium silicate, MMMF, etc., to be collected<br>and bagged on a daily basis.

  • Lightweight materials; aluminium cladding, sheeting, etc., weighted<br>down.

  • Dust suppression regime identified, regularly damping down. Road<br>sweeper at periodic intervals

  • Regularly removal of tripping hazards; rebar stumping, plinth<br>removal.

  • Hoses/cable routes planned, ideally overhead, to avoid tripping<br>hazards.

  • Loose objects at height/platforms stored in ‘bolt boxes’

  • Edge protection checked and in place around all openings and<br>drops.

  • Scraping/brushing equipment available on site.

  • Regular patrolling/inspecting of the demolition site boundary/Heras<br>fence, and areas immediately beyond the fence, for any lightweight<br>windblown debris/insulation etc

  • Any plant drainage channels plated over to prevent damage and<br>subsequent tripping/falling hazard

  • All working areas, especially at ground floor level, inspected for<br>oil/hydraulic fluid/diesel, etc., spillages.

  • Temporary battering/ramping of any significant differences in slab<br>levels

  • Any loose materials/pipes/sheets at height to be brought down to<br>ground by the end of the working day.

  • Bunded/flooded areas to be pumped out, as required.

  • Walkways and working areas to be salted during freezing weather<br>conditions.

  • Snow to be cleared from walkways/working areas, as appropriate



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