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  • Do the Contractor’s personnel know the areas of the Operating<br>Works that have noise levels above 80 dBA?

  • Has the Contractor carried out a noise assessment and physically<br>indicated (via barriers, signs, etc) any areas with noise levels in<br>excess of 80 dBA?

  • Is the Contractor’s plant provided, the best available to reduce the<br>noise levels to the lowest practicable or at least to 80 dBA?

  • Do the Contractor’s monitor the noise levels created during<br>construction operations and take appropriate action if levels exceed<br>80 dBA?

  • Are all operators and staff working in or passing through areas with<br>noise levels above 80 dBA wearing suitable hearing protection?


  • Have vibration assessments been made on equipment used by the<br>contractor; grinders, air hammers etc?

  • Are control measures and information in place eg maximum trigger<br>times, appropriate PPE

  • Are operatives aware of the control measures and are they being<br>adhered to?


  • Has the contractor incorporated methods of dust suppression /<br>control into his work, suppression by fine water spray, demolition<br>methods etc?

  • Are operatives aware of methods of control?

  • Has the contractor protected drains from the ingress of debris /<br>soiled water local to the work?

  • Is generated dust migrating away from site areas, client operational<br>areas or public areas etc?

  • Are site personnel working in or near areas generating dust wearing<br>adequate RPE?



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