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Gas Cutting Equipment

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  • Are the cylinders adequately secured and stood vertically?

  • Is there a proper storage area for the cylinders, locked, well ventilated, fire extinguisher and warning signs?

  • Are the LPG cylinders stored 3m away from the oxygen cylinders?

  • Is the cylinder key in place to isolate the cylinders in case of an emergency?

  • Is the equipment checked daily for leaks using leak check/soap solution?

  • Are hot work operations ceasing 1 hour (or longer depending on site specific rules) before end of shift and the area subject to a constant fire watch?

  • Are the hoses in good order, crimped hose clips not jubilee clips, regulators clean and oil free?

  • Is equipment inspected on a regular basis and findings recorded?

  • Do the regulators and torch have ID marks?

  • Note: in accordance with The Planning (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2015, 25 tonnes is the maximum quantity of LPG/Propane to be stored on site without application to the regulators for dispensation



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